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monogreenforthewin t1_j5uymmf wrote

Car salesman slaps roof "this baby gets 10 full homicides and a deadly assault per tank of gas. Would you like to upgrade the interior trim to our patented dried blood Corinthian leather?

Buyer slaps roof gets electrocuted and dies


Encartrus t1_j5v1mq7 wrote

Left unsaid, pretty much all of those add-ons would make it no longer street legal, and no insurance company would possibly be willing to take the risk on a driver who buys an offensive vehicle for common use. These are a dumb novelty item for the too-rich-to-live crowd and are fated to live in the third bay of mini-mansion garages across the red-belt.


smurfsundermybed t1_j5v6xt4 wrote

The add-ons exist to get deposits and will quietly become unavailable or available at a future date if the thing gets close to production. This article will be aggregated, leading to more exposure, more deposits, another round of investments, followed by increasingly infrequent updates, and ultimately, a YouTube video about what happened to the company.


GrandWizardZippy t1_j5yk0hy wrote

There are others that are already out and in production for a while like the tank that have all these features, are street legal and totally insurable


KletterRatte t1_j5vlhug wrote

The article said that at 40+mph 100% of SUV crashes resulted in a pedestrian death, compared to 50% of normal car crashes. It sounds like a new definition of ‘street legal’ already needs to be made


TequilaCamper t1_j5z07uk wrote

100% means if you crash an SUV into a tree in the middle of a forest, a pedestrian somewhere still dies


Twoyurnipsinheat t1_j5v8lk2 wrote

At the rate we seem to be going these features will be a service.

For $119.00 a year, uou can add the pepper spray attachment and fog horn.

Additional fog horn tones available for purchase.


Dollaruse t1_j5yrqp4 wrote

> no insurance company would possibly be willing to take the risk on a driver who buys an offensive vehicle for common use.

Much of this tech is in cars already, such as in South Africa, and it helps reduce the cost of your insurance policy.


Ban-Circumcision-Now t1_j60q390 wrote

so are all the “off road use only” lights on half the Jeeps and trucks, but nobody is enforcing it


rookie-number t1_j62k351 wrote

Not necessarily offensive. How else are you gonna get thru a protest thats turned ugly?


flying_ramen_monster t1_j5v8nid wrote

Futurama predicted this for L.A. soccer moms' every driving need in The Cryonic Woman.


justforthearticles20 t1_j5uy7os wrote

Company receives thousands of inquiries from police departments across the country, and Brett Kavanaugh.


S_XOF t1_j5w0732 wrote

Cyberpunk 2077 predicted it, the response of rich people to the increasingly unstable world their greed has created is to start selling armored luxury cars for the rich and upper-middle-class so that the consequences aren't their problem.


meelawsh t1_j5vlqns wrote

Snow Crash America


EccentricNerd22 t1_j5xcgzh wrote

Cant wait till they start selling batmobiles.


MOS95B t1_j5v9flw wrote

I wouldn't mind having one without all the weaponization or overly aggressive defenses. Definitely not a daily driver, but kind of "mean" looking


diacewrb t1_j5vin06 wrote

>this souped-up SUV boasts bulletproof glass, blinding strobe lights, electrified doorhandles, and wing mirrors that can shoot pepper spray – handy for putting those pesky cyclists in their place.

Like something out of Robocop.


BaconDragon200 t1_j5zgw76 wrote

So how maany terrorists attacks with this car before it becomes illegal.


vlsdo t1_j609ulg wrote

This is straight from a Neal Stephenson novel