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the_blessed_unrest t1_j5pc0c1 wrote

Idk, is there a financial incentive for her to break it up? I can’t see her caring (like, truly caring, not just making empty statements) otherwise


willstr1 t1_j5phh90 wrote

She doesn't necessarily need to care, but the Ticketmaster snafu that screwed over her fans is why we are finally seeing action against the monopoly.


woakula t1_j5phpy3 wrote

as a non concert goer I've never heard anything good about ticketmaster. As far as I can tell while it wouldn't help her financially, it would cement her reputation kind of like a David versus Goliath situation. Not to say Swift is a small artist by any means, but many artists over the years have tried and failed to stay out of ticketmaster's monopoly. Green Day, Pearl Jam, Springsteen... oh god I'm aging myself lol.


Jubal7 t1_j5ymh7v wrote

Im a non concert-goer too but thats because I witnessed all my friends in college get scammed time and again trying to purchase tickets to their favorite bands. My young daughter just learned the hardway that she'll probably never see a Taylor Swift concert in her lifetime.


Saitoh17 t1_j5rw8hs wrote

She also has to do business with a monopoly, it's not like she's unaffected by it.


GatoradeNipples t1_j5rk0w9 wrote

>Idk, is there a financial incentive for her to break it up?

I mean, her fanbase is kinda forcing her hand on this one. If she goes against what the Swifties want, they'll just find a new pop star to define their identity around, and she's out of a job.