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canuckcowgirl t1_j4itst2 wrote

They used to play classical music at the train stations so the kids didn't hang out.


threebillion6 t1_j4ixf9e wrote

It worked until Beethoven and Bach started hanging out.


rood_sandstorm t1_j4jcdtt wrote

because they had nowhere else to go since Bach was baroque


oldsadgary t1_j4ju8as wrote

And when they tried to kick Beethoven out he wouldn’t hear of it


davisyoung t1_j4kejd1 wrote

They just wanted to get drunk on whiskey and Beethoven was trying to score a fifth.


SilasX t1_j4ltmbt wrote

Thanks to all easily amused redditors for not starting an inane pun thread with "But what if they came Bach?"

I guess that would be too low-effort even by your standards...


ogrefab t1_j4mf72e wrote

Always come on de Bach, never on Debussy


Njon32 t1_j4mvcby wrote

Would you care to Liszt some other low effort composer puns, or are you too Bizet?


TheLapisFreak t1_j4j1prd wrote

Nowadays there's some sort of a device that plays an irritating noise that older people can't hear.


FirebirdWriter t1_j4klm0a wrote

It's called a mosquito. I supposedly am old enough it shouldn't hurt me but does. I also like opera so homeless me would absolutely get close enough to hear that shit from a comfortable distance


rainbowstriper t1_j4km276 wrote

Homeless me would just get close and dance in the streets lol


FirebirdWriter t1_j4km9jl wrote

I did many times when homeless. Dancing releases endorphins. Now that was before I was a homeless adult with a malpractice suit I didn't know I had yet. Misdiagnosis on a spinal injury that took it from treatable to worse than most like it because I kept making myself walk since "nothing is wrong with you".


rainbowstriper t1_j4knd68 wrote

Oh you were actually homeless? I thought we were just talking about what we would do in an alternate universe if we were homeless. I’m sorry you had to go through that. I hope things are better for you now.


FirebirdWriter t1_j4knpid wrote

Why would anyone fantasize about being homeless? This isn't asked in anger but genuine confusion. It is a desperate time where you are invisible unless someone is either going to try to help you which is rare or is a danger to you. Not a fun fantasy.


Beautiful_Marketing6 t1_j4kqnso wrote

Eh, I did when I was young. Till I actually got homeless. Plenty of people romanticize it.

Plenty of morning I woke to the sun on a rooftop with a view of the city.

But I slept on rooftops because the rapists came out at night.


FirebirdWriter t1_j4kqwdd wrote

Yeah Marie Antoinette did similar things. I don't understand and did not before I was homeless but I appreciate your reminder that this is a thing. It's just absolutely foreign to me which is why I asked for clarification. It's simpler to just ask sometimes. Also the shelters were much worse than the roofs for sure. I kept a fork from dinner one night and put it to good use because I was tired of hearing the assaults and noticed the placement patterns so decided to maim someone. It gave us a whole week off of that. Incase your brain requires some vindication juice (blood vindication juice is blood)


Beautiful_Marketing6 t1_j4kr4pq wrote

I wish I could say shelters were a good resource but it's trifling in the streets. I don't think people realize how cunning, devious, and feral a human can actually be.


FirebirdWriter t1_j4krff9 wrote

Not until they're in a position to. I think actually a lot of our scary stories from history are not really monsters but coping mechanisms and training tools that let people prepare for the worst of humanity. That's my coping mechanism for it anyway. I know exactly what I am capable of and it is terrifying. It is also comforting to know at my physical lowest I can still also destroy someone if I need to survive but the price is unpleasant to say the least. If people all knew at all times there would be a lot of people who couldn't cope and would break down causing some very real chaos in society. It's to our benefit that ignorance on this topic exists to a degree. It also does harm but I don't think society would survive as we know it if most people knew. That might not be a bad thing but it could be.


Beautiful_Marketing6 t1_j4krpmt wrote

Yea it's different. But corporations are just as bad amirite! 🤣😅


FirebirdWriter t1_j4krtpp wrote

I mean they're worse in my.non joking answer to your joke. They're the root of most modern badness including homelessness. We have the technology to feed and house everyone and give everyone medicine. Corporations work very hard to criminalize that to force profit. It's as if those feral people are in charge


rainbowstriper t1_j4ko4e1 wrote

I never said anyone was fantasizing about being homeless. I just thought “homeless me” was supposed to mean “if I was homeless and in that scenario”. I just misunderstood what you meant, it’s not that deep. I know being homeless isn’t a fun fantasy, that would be weird.


FirebirdWriter t1_j4koay6 wrote

Thank you for answering my question. I appreciate that since it's not a simple topic. I figured just asking was better than assuming the worst. I refer to my past selves like that often. Kid me, adult me. It's not caused this sort of misunderstanding before but I will keep that in mind


rainbowstriper t1_j4koil0 wrote

Oh ok well that makes sense because I refer to myself in other situations as that situation me. So that’s where the confusion came in.


FirebirdWriter t1_j4kokts wrote

I understand. Also why I asked in part because everyone's got a different baseline for language and internal association


DeaDGoDXIV t1_j4jbk1a wrote

Oh no, as a bus and train commuter for 15 years now, the younger folk have no problem not using the smaller devices with their handheld devices and irritating everyone.


NessyComeHome t1_j4kkobp wrote

Not to contradict your experience, but in my area, the ones annoying others and getting yelled at by the bus driver are in their late 20's, early 30's. Playing music without earbuds / earphones, taking calls on speaker phone...


x97sfinest t1_j4k6nd1 wrote

They do this outside a 7-11 on a train station in downtown Dallas. I always assumed it was to keep the homeless people calm.


exscapegoat t1_j4kyzz5 wrote

I was at dmv near Christmas one year when two people were yelling into their phones. All of the sudden the loudspeakers started playing the dance number in the Peanuts Christmas special. Seemed to calm the crowd.


Cpt_Woody420 t1_j4m38xb wrote

That sounds lit af.

Catch me and the boys smoking up the platform to some Chopin.


Notsnowbound t1_j4is4oo wrote

Like, physically? How fucking loud is it?


WimpyLimpet t1_j4j5tjj wrote

According to article it's played 24/7 and loud enough to violate city noise ordinances, especially at night.


threebillion6 t1_j4ixdcv wrote

Find out how much power and dB it is to push a known weight, scale up. I think the military has loudspeakers powerful enough.


GetCoinWood t1_j4jvwks wrote

A place where I live blasts baby shark all night long to keep the homeless away.


RobsEvilTwin t1_j4jyih0 wrote

That is a bloody warcrime right there.


GetCoinWood t1_j4jyzv1 wrote

That part of town is crazy. I do account management stuff for some restaurants in that part of town. Manager told my coworker that a guy ran in the restaurant claiming he was just anal raped by two other homeless. It’s a real problem and in a gross way I understand why the business does it.


RobsEvilTwin t1_j4k0cra wrote

I have had to design services in some areas so that no component is less than 5M off the ground or outside my clients building. Vandalism, people using it as a toilet, shit you probably would believe from the sounds of it.


diagnosedwolf t1_j4k4cxs wrote

A person came in saying he had been raped, and the response was to play music to drive him away?

Did they at least call the police or an ambulance for the man who had been assaulted?


L1zar9 t1_j4k9i2z wrote

I’m pretty sure he meant that they started playing the music to keep all the homeless away and part of the reason for that included events like the rape


spoonybard326 t1_j4j70dj wrote

If the goal is to annoy people I think Reddit can come up with a lot of music ideas that are worse than opera music.


WhynotstartnoW t1_j4job71 wrote

>If the goal is to annoy people I think Reddit can come up with a lot of music ideas that are worse than opera music.

just blast the raunchiest SKA music around. you'll drive away 98% of everyone, and the remainder will be flailing their bodies to the grating sounds untill they die of exhaustion.


7laserbears t1_j4k78np wrote

What the fuck did ska do to you mother fucker



37Cross t1_j4kg7d2 wrote

Dying of exhaustion sounds exhausting


SuDragon2k3 t1_j4ja9yc wrote



king-jadwiga t1_j4jchfp wrote

Imagine dragons.


goliathfasa t1_j4jq8kw wrote

Careful. You’re going to accidentally push me to become homeless.


Newsmemer t1_j4jvrx0 wrote

Cbat has entered the chat


Nastypilot t1_j4kp94z wrote

This is unrelated, but I think the gym I'm going to plays Cbat on speakers as gym music and I've began wondering if I should lift to the rhythm.


txgypsy t1_j4j1hbg wrote

Back in the '80s when I was skateboarding me and Friends used to go skating at a local church. They had plenty of handrails and nice wide sloping handicap ramps, perfect for skateboarding and grinding. Calling the cops on us to get us to leave didn't work, then they sprinkled gravel on all the sidewalks and ramps around the church. We brought brooms. Then they decided to loudly pipe out some corny hillbilly sounding bluegrass gospel music to get us to leave.... it had a decent BPM to skate to. Then they decided to go CIA mode and torture us with Old Testament Bible readings by who sounded like Ferris Bueller's school teacher, and did it at full blast.. we surrendered, we moved on to a strip mall a couple blocks over from the church


RobsEvilTwin t1_j4jy04x wrote


When I was a kid the local council, police, and school headmaster got together an agreed to build skate ramps for us (my dad was one of the volunteers).

It was also made very clear to us that if we decided to skate anywhere else, we would be beaten like a drum. Yes that also included by Dad :D


thenotjoe t1_j4kftnm wrote

Hah, child abuse!


RobsEvilTwin t1_j4kky2y wrote

Carrot - They built us skate ramps.

Stick - If we skated anywhere else they kicked our arse.

Seemed like a fair deal to us :D


furiousfran t1_j4l8orr wrote

Yes, adults hitting children when things don't go their way is a very fair and mature deal /s


winkieface t1_j4m5e11 wrote

It kinda sounds like you were just being an ass hole to the Church, wouldn't leave them alone and force them to try weird shit to keep you away.

You were probably ruining their property and definitely causing trouble for any handicap people who might be at the church.

This story doesn't make you sound....very great.


JoanNoir t1_j4is0ac wrote

A Walgren's in Albuquerque does this. I used to get my lunch across the street at the supermarket then go sit on the grass out front. I noticed a number of others doing similar. A roasted chicken thigh, fresh tortillas, and Rossini is absolutely the best.


Jerkrollatex t1_j4kde3n wrote

The McDonald's near the base in Albuquerque started doing that a couple of years ago too. It got to the point the drive thru was being blocked by people asking for money.


Ptomaine t1_j4jkkro wrote

Wouldn't roasted magpie thigh be more appropriate?


AbjectReflection t1_j4jtbk5 wrote

he said Albuquerque, not Aberdeen! that is the wrong continent to find magpies!


thenotjoe t1_j4kfq2x wrote

Australian magpies are called that because they kind of look like other birds also called magpies


Niteynitenurse t1_j4kzztx wrote

A lot of the Walgreens in Albuquerque do this. First time I heard it I momentarily was surprised and thought how cool it was to be playing loud classical music in their parking lot and walkways. :/


bighungrybelly t1_j4l5ovx wrote

Now I know why a 7Eleven did this in DT Portland. I was visiting a few years ago, and the hotel I stayed at had a 7Eleven nearby that played classical music all night long. I too thought it was cool that that they did that


Successful_Tea2856 t1_j4jigsa wrote

The police don't enforce noise ordinances anyway. Just ask a cop when was the last time he checked a Harley for Legal Pipes.


Kaiju_Cat t1_j4jqssm wrote

Oh they do. Just in the Other neighborhoods.


RobsEvilTwin t1_j4jy4sp wrote

One of the weird things about Australia is that the #1 reason people call the police is noise.


WimpyLimpet t1_j4isoyk wrote

Homelessness is not a crime, but playing loud music throughout the night is.

>One KXAN viewer who lives in an apartment building opposite the building contacted us, saying he could also hear the opera music playing throughout the night. The viewer is not alone; the City of Austin said they received five complaints for the store since the start of 2023 when the music likely started, based on Morgan’s timeline. 

>According to Austin’s Code of Ordinance of amplified sound, a business may not operate equipment that produces a sound louder than 85 decibels, equivalent to that of a food blender, from the property line between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. And from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m., the sound should not be audible at the property line, according to the same code. 


munchi333 t1_j4iw0y5 wrote

Loitering is a crime…


waffleman258 t1_j4k9b53 wrote

In the land of the free it is


elpa75 t1_j4kijjz wrote

Maybe you missed the memo where it says "you're free to do what your are told".


Mr_Paper t1_j4izp6k wrote

Wtf is loitering?


TheLapisFreak t1_j4j1hs5 wrote

I think it's just like hanging around a location doing nothing


sighthoundman t1_j4j39kp wrote

>I think it's just like hanging around a location doing nothing

Depends on the state. That's legal in Tennessee.

If you are interfering with traffic (including foot traffic), that's loitering.

It was a trope (long ago) that disreputable looking people who just hung around doing nothing would be arrested for "loitering with intent". O. Henry used it at least once.


blahbleh112233 t1_j4j63hv wrote

Depends on the city too. In NYC/SF you have the people that open doors and demand you pay them for doing so. I can see how that can intimidate some people


ExDota2Player t1_j4paq59 wrote

many aspects of homelessness are criminal. you can't sleep in your car on the side of the road or in a parking lot. you cannot panhandle. you cannot set up your tent on the sidewalk. you cannot loiter on private property.


Jrich954 t1_j4iyiiw wrote

The city of Fort Lauderdale plays abian noise at 4am when clubs get out. They also put on sprinklers all over even where’s there is no grass so homeless can’t sleep.


Zestfullyclean87 t1_j4jaqtw wrote

West Palm started doing something like this near the waterfront. The benches had bars added so people couldn’t sleep, and there is a park where they started playing music

The bridge to go to palm beach island (which is just outside of the downtown waterfront) has 9-10 cameras. Whenever the homeless people cross the bridge, the Palm Beach police pick them up, drive them back to the mainland (West Palm) so that they’re out of their jurisdiction, and so that the island locals don’t complain


mittens1982 t1_j4iq4dg wrote

This is a fantastic solution


kevinds t1_j4j3gtt wrote

Except not legal.

Edit, for downvotes: According to the laws quoted in the article, it isn't legal..

>According to Austin’s Code of Ordinance of amplified sound, a business may not operate equipment that produces a sound louder than 85 decibels, equivalent to that of a food blender, from the property line between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. And from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m., the sound should not be audible at the property line, according to the same code. 

Being that neighbors are complaining that it can be heard.


kevinds t1_j4j3w06 wrote

>According to Austin’s Code of Ordinance of amplified sound, a business may not operate equipment that produces a sound louder than 85 decibels, equivalent to that of a food blender, from the property line between the hours of 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. And from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m., the sound should not be audible at the property line, according to the same code. 

>One KXAN viewer who lives in an apartment building opposite the building contacted us, saying he could also hear the opera music playing throughout the night.

I think that the violations won't stop until substantial fines are applied..


picklecruncher t1_j4jwu6l wrote

They do this at a bank here to dissuade the homeless. It is LOUD.


Tavoria t1_j4iyp3q wrote

They do it at the St John’s 7-11 as well. I always thought it was peculiar. Now I know why they do it.


Windturnscold t1_j4jgjlt wrote

The homeless sleep along train tracks, no way opera bothers them at any volume


Yeahwowhello t1_j4keqec wrote

How many homeless guys can a trombone fit comfortably?


roosterchains t1_j4k5qc2 wrote

Every 7/11 in San Diego that is near a large homeless population does this.

It is fucking annoying when your eating next door and here the loudest opera music.


levivilla4 t1_j4iqh3m wrote

Back in my old city there was a 7-11 that did the same thing. It was obnoxious. I don't know how well it worked, cause it was still a hotbed for shady peeps


umrathma t1_j4izff0 wrote

Yeah, my hometown 7-11s do that, too.


starkmatic t1_j4j1v2p wrote

Cafes blast cold to get people moving sometimes to


Hawanja t1_j4j2em0 wrote

I mean, this is better than spraying them with a hose.


Yeahwowhello t1_j4ken51 wrote

Ha, did you catch that news interview? In the vid they mentioned a cathedral that has sprinklers to shooshoo away the homeless. But for some weird reason no one bashing on Mr God


TheSchlaf t1_j4jb6ey wrote

Time to say goodbye.


Beautiful_Marketing6 t1_j4kq8cd wrote

I think the bigger story IS ALL THIS HATE FOR MY MANS BACH AND EM!!!

Should read: Homeless and community come together to APPRECIATE classical music and Opera


[deleted] t1_j4j57vi wrote

I know a mall owner who played loud country music at their urban/suburban centers in an effort to drive young black kids away.


mstrss9 t1_j4lnmvq wrote

How did that work out?


[deleted] t1_j4lp100 wrote

All the black kids started driving pickup trucks & wearing MAGA hats:) Really, I’m not sure. Wasn’t around long enough to see the results of their little anti-social experiment.


breadmeal t1_j4k4ftz wrote

This has been happening at a couple places in Portland for a while


antiquemule t1_j4kdgba wrote

Headline: "Boom in sales of noise-reducing ear buds for the homeless" /s


Mike__Z t1_j4l85ba wrote

And now everyone is focused on the "EviL SToRe PuShiNg ThE HomELeSs aWaY" instead of the government that let homelessness get to this point instead. Don't hate on a victim of the issue.


reachingFI t1_j4jqzan wrote

This mixed with architecture that has huge rivets helps a ton with the homeless loitering problem. Genius.


Chazzy_T t1_j4ju77z wrote

i don’t mind the topics but the posts today seem a little more… off of what r/nottheonion is for


emm7777 t1_j4ldza8 wrote

They do this at the Walgreens by my house. It does not work.


BINGBONG2BINGBONG t1_j4m3gpz wrote

I came here to say this as well. They do this in my city and IT DOES NOT WORK. People on crack just don't care.


Nickp000g t1_j4j7xj2 wrote

Their speakers go to 11


CalTechie-55 t1_j4k1enj wrote

Not liking classical music leads to homelessness.

I would love to go to a store that plays classical music.


dalisair t1_j4k8qjs wrote

Man, classical? I’d sit and chill. I used to use that to GO to sleep as a teen.


mattlore t1_j4k9kua wrote

When I lived in Toronto: All of the subways stations in the "shadier" ends of town always did this as well.


nzdennis t1_j4ki6sy wrote

I love opera 😂


nzdennis t1_j4kip2i wrote

If it works, good 👍


PhilterCoffee1 t1_j4kms5y wrote

That's basically rock bottom for western civilization...

It took the entirety of human history to develop all the techniques, instruments, harmonic theory, composition, organizing almost 100 people with different instruments to play together in an orchestra, training people to sing several octaves, and so on and so forth, and what do we do with that now? We consider it a useful tool to push away the homeless...


Dirtbag_Bob t1_j4ku0et wrote

Where is the empathy and compassion in this entire thread? What have we devolved to as humans?


SmartBoot5880 t1_j4lsip0 wrote

I love Reddit, always romanticizes the homeless and thinking they are all victims. I swear, if 90% of the people on Reddit stepped outside and into the city, they would instantly turn after watching some black hobo doing fent and screaming about his taint and Jews over and over while slowly fondling his penis.

"BUt but but, we just need to treat people with kindness all the time, and they just need more homes and houses! We need just need to build more houses!" - The morality pearl-clutching of a man or obese white woman who has never stepped outside and had an interaction with a real homeless encampment.


Dirtbag_Bob t1_j4lunmv wrote

I live in California and go to San Francisco and Oakland frequently. I'm not romanticizing anyone or the situation. The vast majority of homeless folk grew up in terrible situations, and I don't think playing opera at illegal levels from a city noise ordinance standpoint solves anything?

How would that be good for society or the situation?


SmartBoot5880 t1_j4lxyzg wrote

Because most people would rather hear slightly loud opera over watch some skitzo junkie do smack and shit all over the sidewalk while screaming incoherently?

You should know this.


Dirtbag_Bob t1_j4m8hpg wrote

But opera doesn't solve the problem is my point those people are still humans that exist in this world. At one point they were babies, kids, and now adults that are still a part of this society. There are assholes out there and some are violent and not great people at times, but still human. Many with severe mental illness and drug addiction.

Responding with neglect and being inhumane does nothing and if anything just exacerbates the problem. They'll still be out there somewhere and the neighbors are still going to have to deal with loud ass opera music instead of us as a society dealing with/helping the homeless.


taylorpilot t1_j4l1y82 wrote

Trying to bring class to the masses and this is the respect you get?!



RSomnambulist t1_j4l41yd wrote

They do this in Jacksonville near the downtown area at a gas station.


dxtboxer t1_j4l7csh wrote

Giving them the ole Noriega special


pukingpixels t1_j4lmypb wrote

They should try Skinny Puppy like they did in Gitmo.


kapege t1_j4ln5mi wrote

"This content is not available in your country/region."


lazy_phoenix t1_j4lnb8a wrote

I feel like opera music would attract me if I was homeless


san_serifs t1_j4lt2s0 wrote

There's a McDonald's in downtown Chicago that had a persistent issue of troublemakers loitering out front because it's steps from a subway station.

They installed outdoor speakers and play the song "Valerie" by Steve Winwood on a loop. It's working quite well.


chandler-bing-pl t1_j4ltud5 wrote

Surprisingly this method doesn't work on the Pigeon Lady from Home Alone


Mrrandom314159 t1_j4lyeou wrote

Because the poors don't appreciate REAL music.


smoke99999 t1_j4m7qdc wrote

there's one in Orlando same way also a 7/11 blaring music so loud you can hear it several properties over past a you wash it car wash with about a dozen bays


Surfguitar t1_j4m7t6s wrote

This has been going on for years. The park by my house plays classical music on the stage speakers all day to repel skaters. The fountain area plays it as well. Ditto for a whole strip mall by my house. Can't really blame businesses for wanting to keep their storefronts clear....


Horseface4190 t1_j4m9sxr wrote

No shit. I noticed loud opera playing a few blocks from my apartment, tons of homeless there. I don't know if its working but I like the idea.


mmobley412 t1_j4mbprc wrote

Aside from the obvious shame that we have homeless people and the concept of repelling them like they are pests like cockroaches— it’s kind of sad that beautiful classical/opera music is seen as something that would be an effective repellent


Ouisch t1_j4mwj7a wrote

I've read about stores using this tactic in the past to prevent folks from loitering in front of their business. I'm a huge Sparks fan, and my husband has learned to love many of their songs, but he's said more than once that "'Equator' is one of those songs that would keep people from congregating; heck, it would probably even scare the birds from nesting in their storefront sign!"


Aae_kae2 t1_j4kgdtn wrote

Dude be thankful they arent using the Baby Shark song like that park in Florida


SubterrelProspector t1_j4kqgn4 wrote

They do this at all the Walgreens here in Tucson, AZ. It's shameful and dystopian.


hauj0bb t1_j4kdt57 wrote

Murrica at tits finest, lol.


SCirish843 t1_j4j98h6 wrote

Really hope they're playing 'Time to Say Goodbye'


MadeFromNews t1_j4ix93q wrote

I bet this will be a law soon!


LoMeinCain t1_j4j96x2 wrote

Wish there were places in the US that actually helped homeless in a way that doesn’t enable them


Yeahwowhello t1_j4kf7n9 wrote

My friend decided to help out a homeless guy, he seems cool and intelligent, and my friend wanted to help out. So he brings him food, gave him his couch a few tea, you know, talked a lot, helped out with cash here and there. The guy became so comfortable and blew up hos cover, that he just does that, he does nothing, gets around $4000 a month on all benefits, stamps and assistance, and the friends pay. Boy was he mad.

A lot of people are suffering, truly. And that's horrible. But a looot of people just abuse the system with your money, directly and your taxes.

So how do you teach people to be adequate and self sufficient if it's easier the other way around?


LoMeinCain t1_j4mbv16 wrote

Yeah everyone on reddit loves to downvote instead of brainstorming, fucking idiots


Yeahwowhello t1_j4me5dd wrote

It is what it is Especially sucks when it's in midst of a conversation back and forth and the comment is hidden because of the downvotes


AbjectReflection t1_j4jtrxs wrote

More NIMBY's who solution is "out of site out of mind", and not contributing any solutions to actually help end the problem. Only thing good that 7-11 actually did was declare bankruptcy in 1990, too bad it didn't end them altogether with bullsh*t like this...


CrawlerSiegfriend t1_j4jcc6h wrote

Seems like a bad idea because as a spending customer I would never enter a store that is playing loud opera music.


AmeriToast t1_j4jlj5s wrote

I wouldn't go to a store with a bunch of homeless outside of it so they are in trouble either way


CrawlerSiegfriend t1_j4jojzq wrote

LOL, I can't go that far. It's had a significant uptick in my city. They set up their bedrolls around local businesses.


JerrodDRagon t1_j4jvo9j wrote

Imagine just blaming people for being homeless instead of volunteering or giving money to local shelters

As someone very close to being homeless or sucks. I lucky have friends helping me but been looking for a job for 9 months after my profit record breaking company decided to fire me a top performer because I voiced I didn’t want to come back to work in the office

I can’t sure because they were layoffs but you don’t fire someone doing 120% on average The only time I dipped under 100 percent production was when we didn’t have enough work


TheSciFiGuy80 t1_j4mfnp2 wrote

I think the issue is not just being homeless.

It's the mess, the smell, some people feel unsafe with the louder “eccentric” individuals, etc.

We have homeless people that have moved into our neighborhood park. At first, I didn't mind as the folks who were sleeping there policed themselves and kept things clean. But then a few new people started staying there and they were the more “crazy kind” and that's when the first few folks left and things got bad. Now they're leaving their trash all around where they sit all day, and they're urinating and defecating on the concrete even though there are bathrooms.

People in the area are starting to call the cops and quite frankly I’d be all for the store next to the park blasting music if it made the park safe for our kids again.


JerrodDRagon t1_j4o6hh0 wrote

I’m not going to defend shitty behavior but this country had been ignoring these people for years and their are clear solutions to help them but we keep voting in assholes who only care about profiting the rich and businesses

Maybe if voters voted on people with better ideas then telling homeless people to just leave, we’d not have to be dealing with this situation