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JoanNoir t1_j4is0ac wrote

A Walgren's in Albuquerque does this. I used to get my lunch across the street at the supermarket then go sit on the grass out front. I noticed a number of others doing similar. A roasted chicken thigh, fresh tortillas, and Rossini is absolutely the best.


Jerkrollatex t1_j4kde3n wrote

The McDonald's near the base in Albuquerque started doing that a couple of years ago too. It got to the point the drive thru was being blocked by people asking for money.


Ptomaine t1_j4jkkro wrote

Wouldn't roasted magpie thigh be more appropriate?


AbjectReflection t1_j4jtbk5 wrote

he said Albuquerque, not Aberdeen! that is the wrong continent to find magpies!


thenotjoe t1_j4kfq2x wrote

Australian magpies are called that because they kind of look like other birds also called magpies


Niteynitenurse t1_j4kzztx wrote

A lot of the Walgreens in Albuquerque do this. First time I heard it I momentarily was surprised and thought how cool it was to be playing loud classical music in their parking lot and walkways. :/


bighungrybelly t1_j4l5ovx wrote

Now I know why a 7Eleven did this in DT Portland. I was visiting a few years ago, and the hotel I stayed at had a 7Eleven nearby that played classical music all night long. I too thought it was cool that that they did that