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txgypsy t1_j4j1hbg wrote

Back in the '80s when I was skateboarding me and Friends used to go skating at a local church. They had plenty of handrails and nice wide sloping handicap ramps, perfect for skateboarding and grinding. Calling the cops on us to get us to leave didn't work, then they sprinkled gravel on all the sidewalks and ramps around the church. We brought brooms. Then they decided to loudly pipe out some corny hillbilly sounding bluegrass gospel music to get us to leave.... it had a decent BPM to skate to. Then they decided to go CIA mode and torture us with Old Testament Bible readings by who sounded like Ferris Bueller's school teacher, and did it at full blast.. we surrendered, we moved on to a strip mall a couple blocks over from the church


RobsEvilTwin t1_j4jy04x wrote


When I was a kid the local council, police, and school headmaster got together an agreed to build skate ramps for us (my dad was one of the volunteers).

It was also made very clear to us that if we decided to skate anywhere else, we would be beaten like a drum. Yes that also included by Dad :D


thenotjoe t1_j4kftnm wrote

Hah, child abuse!


RobsEvilTwin t1_j4kky2y wrote

Carrot - They built us skate ramps.

Stick - If we skated anywhere else they kicked our arse.

Seemed like a fair deal to us :D


furiousfran t1_j4l8orr wrote

Yes, adults hitting children when things don't go their way is a very fair and mature deal /s


winkieface t1_j4m5e11 wrote

It kinda sounds like you were just being an ass hole to the Church, wouldn't leave them alone and force them to try weird shit to keep you away.

You were probably ruining their property and definitely causing trouble for any handicap people who might be at the church.

This story doesn't make you sound....very great.