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SlothOfDoom t1_j4mo2mh wrote

"Elon Musk Funded by Terrorists"


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j4mrrgp wrote

Technically you are now more correct than when it was just Truth Social and the refugees from Parlor.


21_MushroomCupcakes t1_j4nuta3 wrote

Domestic vs international.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j4omgqf wrote


There are Q-Trumpists in India. In India! WTF do they get out of some used car dealer who may not even be able to find them on a map?


Donut_merchant2 t1_j4scm5f wrote

As an Indian I’ve never understood it either. It’s one of the strangest phenomena ever.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j4tpx1f wrote

I just heard about it recently. Are these people similar to the Q in the USA or are they some unique manifestation only India could produce?

I have a feeling this is part of a social media manipulation and that it’s a world wide push to organize all the angry paranoid people.


Jak_n_Dax t1_j4rkd7p wrote


I’m not trying to be a grammar Nazi. In fact, the whole point of pointing out the spelling is to show how stupid it is, and by extension those that created and use the platform.


Jeraimee t1_j4mdqz0 wrote

"Thanks for the eight bucks." He said.


koavf OP t1_j4mdv3r wrote

Per month, per account: he'll make back that lost $200 billion in no time.


verybakedpotatoe t1_j4qe90n wrote

If every single Twitter user including all of the bots bought blue check marks, and all of that money went straight to the bank and none of it had to be used on expenses, it would still take nearly 10 years for Twitter to make up that missing $200 billion.

Back in reality though, only a small percentage of users are willing to buy blue check marks, all and more of that money is going to service debt payments, Even without paying rent or salaries Twitter still has expenses, and the business doesn't have 10 years to become financially solvent.


SilasX t1_j4qou3u wrote

Nit: The buyout price for Twitter was $43 billion.


koavf OP t1_j4rgxs5 wrote


SilasX t1_j4s5hb8 wrote

The nit where, in context, the relevant comparison would be to the cost of twitter. If you weren’t using that as the baseline, as would be natural, you can just say, “I was comparing to Musk’s personal loss of net worth” instead of making me read a link to untangle what you mean.


koavf OP t1_j4sq09u wrote

He lost all that money because he bought Twitter: that is Twitter's true cost of ownership.


SilasX t1_j4t34zg wrote

That’s not the right way to account for it. It’s one party’s loss because of semi related events. Not everyone who participated in the twitter purchase suffered a share of the $200 bn loss, only of the $43 bn loss.


koavf OP t1_j4twlis wrote

> Not everyone who participated in the twitter purchase suffered a share of the $200 bn loss, only of the $43 bn loss.

You are wrong, since every everyone who paid $44 billion to own Twitter also lost a total of $200 billion.


SilasX t1_j4u7ht9 wrote

Nobody paid $44 bn. It was jointly financed across multiple parties.

And even if Musk had out put up $44 bn, it doesn’t mean the other losses were attributable solely to that purchase. The Tesla price fluctuations were not entirely due to the sale of Musk’s shares, for example.


koavf OP t1_j4vsmv5 wrote

Oh, okay, whatever. I don't care about this.


BonDragon t1_j4ns84f wrote

"So your beheading people? Oh $8, never mind; as you were" -Tweelon


[deleted] t1_j4oticp wrote



BonDragon t1_j4qg2fm wrote

The taliban is known to use old archaic form of butchery. Tweelon is a classic case of corporate greed that just wants coin in their bank account. If the coin is anonymous, all the better.


DANKB019001 t1_j4qklt9 wrote

"Tweelon".... I need to start using that, that's hilarious.


GirlScoutSniper t1_j4mk36i wrote

It took me a few to realize they weren't talking about hound dogs.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j4mrk7t wrote

For me it was; "They crave the Lyme disease?" For about 24.3 seconds.


6GoesInto8 t1_j4ms1z6 wrote

You might think more clearly if you don't track the completion time of your thoughts to the 10th of a second.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j4msjkl wrote

Oh, so you think Chat GPT and Google Search are less clear than you who tracks thoughts on your weekly calendar a month in advance?

"Tuesday the 5th,... Today I had a thought, which I shall let gestate for a day or so, until it has mellowed."


Its_Just_A_Typo t1_j4nk8bn wrote

"They want a big ol' hound dog that likes to lay around in the yard all day?" was my first thought seeing this.


BaconIsAVeg2 t1_j4mlwp7 wrote

Does this mean for $8/month I can be Muhammad The Prophet with a blue tick?

Will I be jihadi'd if I upload a profile picture?


Xanthus179 t1_j4n0x5r wrote

Hell, you could probably just be a self sufficient woman and they’d begin foaming at the mouth.


mdlinc t1_j4mocdh wrote

Test drive that!


BaconIsAVeg2 t1_j4ntga4 wrote

I would but I'm too worried they'd find out I lived at Mar-A-Lago!


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j4mrerq wrote

You could probably even be Jihadi and buy a blue tick as Turning Point USA -- think of the possibilities!


shizbox06 t1_j4o2hel wrote

haha, your username already has you on the list.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j4mr6sw wrote

It looks like Musk has found a way to please that sought-after Taliban and scam marketers looking for legitimacy demographic.


Elanapoeia t1_j4ng7ps wrote

Hey, don't forget "Nazis seeking to spread their ideology via social media". The dude was VERY happy to unban prominent white supremacists so that they too can buy the checkmark and gain legitimacy on twitter


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j4om89v wrote

I am still about 90% sure that Musk bought Twitter so that he could use it to manipulate who gets elected. Once he puts people in office, and they know his finger on the scales of "freedom and truth" helps them get into office. He hopes to make his money back on super lucrative government contracts.

"What is this man's genius and reason for a comeback?" Everyone will say in shock and hushed tones. He's a piece of shit who will help other pieces of shit get in power and they will help him in return. Getting contracts and financing is his one and perhaps only genius talent.

You know, because that's what humanity needs; one more pig at the trough making sure that they get fed. It's so transparent. The future is as stupid as it is predictable and annoying.

The solution of course, is someone needs to put LSD in his smoothie one day, so that he can experience true wonder and stop being a selfish prick.


Shade_Xaxis t1_j4pg39q wrote

>I am still about 90% sure that Musk bought Twitter so that he could use it to manipulate who gets elected.

The illusion of his power comes from his wealth, and the reputation for turning everything he touches into a success. He's lost half that net worth, and will lose more with the Tesla lawsuit. Twitter has been such a big failure, it's seriously screwed his other company's. Don't get me wrong, I thought the same thing, but musk just doesn't have the influence to play King Maker anymore.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j4pzwuu wrote

>Don't get me wrong, I thought the same thing, but musk just doesn't have the influence to play King Maker anymore.

Well, it is a roll of the dice. It's not that he isn't TRYING to play king maker and I do hope he fails. However, these people at the top have a tendency to fail upwards. Rupert Murdoch was in the red with Fox News for over a decade -- they paid more for each audience member than they got (paying to get their channel in venues and more than giving it away). Now it makes a profit -- but, it really makes its value by the reality it creates in people's heads. It promotes fascism and props up candidates who work against the working class.

So, who is to say that in two years, Musk doesn't look like a genius with new contracts? Because sometimes, it's not about the money -- it's about convincing people to put the chain around their own necks. That's necessary until the vote can be rigged and they can get the pesky democracy part out of the way.


elfking-fyodor t1_j4nb60i wrote

I’m… pretty sure it’s like super mega illegal to deal financially with them.


BiAsALongHorse t1_j4osocl wrote

My favorite part is that you couldn't get a qualified lawyer to even look at the issue without putting down more money than this could bring in over decades.


hananobira t1_j4pw9op wrote

Our online store won’t run transactions from Afghanistan. We had a potential customer yesterday asking if we could create a manual order for him, and I ended up spending 15 minutes trying to decipher the current state of sanctions before we decided we had to decline.

So I’m no legal expert but I’m also in the “pretty sure it’s like super mega illegal” camp.


BrookeBaranoff t1_j4nva3k wrote

Oh look more incels on Twitter!


SensitiveAd5962 t1_j4plhzi wrote

Can you really call them incels when they're fucking over their entire country?


arcticsnom t1_j4q7pg4 wrote

ah yes, comparing a literal fucking terrorist organization to angry neckbeards without gf


metaltimmy t1_j4o3fzv wrote

You know Elon, this “free speech” you talk about, should actually be reserved for countries that have free speech.

You know, it’s always acceptable to tell oppressive terrorists to shove their heads up their asses!


Visondo t1_j4nq72x wrote

And how is Musk going to take payment from them when they remain sanctioned by the US?


koavf OP t1_j4nr07r wrote

With free speech and hashtags. Also, by breaking the law.


Max_E_Mas t1_j4n13d1 wrote

Can't make this shit up folks


Trazzster t1_j4n8dxb wrote

Well hell, why not? The GOP is a terrorist organization and they all have blue checks too.


manorwomanhuman t1_j4mdxnu wrote

I bought blue balls on onlyfans


koavf OP t1_j4met52 wrote

How does that make sense?


passinghere t1_j4moc3q wrote

Do you understand what "blue balls" means? As in, a bloke that's been sexually excited and is left with aching balls due to not ejaculating... and thus they are joking they got blue balls after spending money on onlyfans which is sexually provocative.


koavf OP t1_j4mxjwj wrote

I do. Why would you buy pornography from OnlyFans and not ejaculate to it? If anything, this would be a cure for blue balls: it wouldn't induce it.


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j4ms4x3 wrote

Just a tick.

Now, the blue part I can understand, but, you could associate blue with anything -- it's just the balls part. Twitter. Taliban. And Ticks. WHAT part of that made you think of aching hairy balls?

I think you expect more people to jump down your poorly lit rabbit hole than the surveys might support.


bigbangbilly t1_j4o2hds wrote

It's like the Wolf Cola episode from Always Sunny In Philadelphia but with Elon


Fracture_98 t1_j4mil5l wrote

They should have made them pink.


mymar101 t1_j4nm5lz wrote

Wait you're doxing the Taliban. Sarcasm.


tnfrs t1_j4nmmq4 wrote

how long until theyre talibanned amirite guys


BonDragon t1_j4nrw0z wrote

So what's the difference? I don't see TweeLon doing big positive philosophy work with his money. Just how "right" he is on all topics.


IngeborgHolm t1_j4pdha9 wrote

They'll get banned as soon as they'll tweet that their new car is better than Tesla.


UpbeatCheetah7710 t1_j4pe4y8 wrote

This should really help attract more advertisers to the platform.


omally_360 t1_j4oot6f wrote

They can also buy from Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and open an account on Reddit.


koavf OP t1_j4opqer wrote

Why did you post this comment?


omally_360 t1_j4oq645 wrote

Because I can.


koavf OP t1_j4oq8ll wrote

You can also post useful comments that lead to meaningful discussion or that are clever.


standardtrickyness1 t1_j4p416q wrote

How else would we know we're being threatened by the real taliban leader?


gerberag t1_j4p9u5p wrote

"DRUG CARTEL" starts buying . . .


Close-my-tub t1_j4pt7ii wrote

Musk tried to make a far right platform, he succeeded...


brickyardjimmy t1_j4q2ezv wrote

Reinforces my general rule that anyone who has a paid blue check on their Twitter account is automatically to be ignored.


ericd50 t1_j4qq6mp wrote

I thought they were buying dogs.


luminarium t1_j4qspma wrote

This is a good thing. They can spend their money and then get their accounts banned anyway. Better than making unlimited numbers of sockpuppet accounts for free.


Inconceivable-2020 t1_j4qynf0 wrote

I'm surprised that Elon is not giving them out to known terrorists for free.


[deleted] t1_j4r8w3x wrote



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Hunithunit t1_j4s7tsv wrote

Took me a minute to figure out they weren’t taking about hounds.


Arch_Ferret_505 t1_j549ng0 wrote

This is totallly newws propaganda.

why TALIBAN SHOULD NOT GET BLUETICK when they could get a whole country while others couldnt get hold.Atleast they have achieved some thing real and they have millions of followers in real life.if not given how do we know who is the real Taliban leader or fake twitter account


Ann_not_a_cult_er t1_j4o7j7n wrote

When they start beheading blue tick users, Elon will be piiiiiiisssed!


Chariots487 t1_j4upkv1 wrote

Remember: there were no terrorists, criminals, or state-sponsored disinformation bots/agents on Twitter before October 27th. This is an entirely new phenomenon and was definitely not a known problem.