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Mantaur4HOF t1_j6mxzvo wrote

Twitter when it sees actual nazis tweeting about actual nazi shit: "This is fine."

Twitter when it sees the word cock being used in its literal sense: "HOW DARE YOU?!"


tryingtodefendhim t1_j6np0qr wrote

To be fair, democracy is a direct threat to their business model.


ArrestDeathSantis t1_j6oxai3 wrote

They fixed this when they lost their first poll, after this one, only registered member of the party can vote


mfb- t1_j6nw5w9 wrote

> The @_BTO account was restored on Saturday evening.


mike-godwin01 t1_j6nah6a wrote

Can't have scientists & educators tweeting facts! Think about the children!


psilocin72 t1_j6npu83 wrote

I had a gym teacher in middle school named Mr. Woodcock. No lie. He was such a mean SOB that we only made fun of his name at a safe distance


NewPhoneNewAccount2 t1_j6ondvo wrote

Did he start hooking up with your mom in your 30s? Thats not your life thats john rambos.


psilocin72 t1_j6oo54w wrote

Ok. From the movie. I glanced quickly at this and saw an insult of my mother. Yeah that movie was hilarious but I don’t think the Woodcock I knew hooked up very much.


-foxy-lad t1_j6nmaqj wrote

Elon sure does have some PEENT up emotions regarding charity.


Distant-moose t1_j6p3ai4 wrote

Arr, a woodcock is no laughing matter. I lost me flesh to a cannon fired by privateers to the Spanish crown and have been grateful they gave me a pegthirdleginstead of a hook. Yaharrr.


GodBlessThisGhetto t1_j6ped6u wrote

You’d think they’d have learned that a general list of “nono” strings would be a bad solution to the problem of identifying problematic language, especially on a multilingual platform. We ran into an issue identifying action statements where it said “managing director” was an action. Which it kind of is grammatically, but not in the broader context we worked in.