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Hickspy t1_j4na5fn wrote

Having some other guy protect your body for you sounds like a pretty beta move.


HaroldFH t1_j4pjjuq wrote

Yeah, who does Tate think he is?

Whitney Houston?


p_larrychen t1_j4nwl4l wrote

That’s generally what happens when you groom someone for abuse


timojenbin t1_j4rdze1 wrote

It's never too late to gaslight the blame onto the victims.


Correct-Med5992 t1_j4n4j76 wrote

Did he have a first one??


Successful_Peanut812 t1_j4nfuzx wrote

According to this site their lawyer said that neither Tate is married but both have kids.

> do they have family

> > They have children. Both have children.

> how many children do they have

> > I do not know.

> So both Andrew and Tristan Tate are fathers. They are not married but have children.

> > Yes.


HaroldFH t1_j4pjhnu wrote

“He was a great guy who was just trying to help young men reach their potential.”

He needed a bodyguard...


Tymexathane t1_j4pukkx wrote

So he's not a "Top G" then? Who knew?


dekaite99 t1_j4ng5n9 wrote

If that's true, then in his own words, they are "genuinely a moron".