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smallbusinessfunds t1_j4rw93i wrote

Wyandotte is a city in Wayne County in the U.S. state of Michigan with a population of 24,684 (2021)

Apparently there is no crime in Wyandotte and thus to ensure county, city, state and federal funding they had to make an arrest.


SkeletonEvan t1_j4sa0ts wrote

They also have something like the most bars and churches per capita, lots of fights on weekends but thats about it. As downriver trash myself, this is where to see peak white trash on any bar holiday


ihavenoclevername t1_j4skgzx wrote

I like Wyandotte a lot, especially the old bars and neighborhoods. But Whiskey’s is the only place I’ve ever been arms’ length from two bar fights in ten minutes.


ifrit05 t1_j4vmt9g wrote

I myself am a resident of the Dirty Dot. :)


OPtheOG t1_j4woap2 wrote

i moved to wyandotte right before covid and love it here but hearing “the dirty dot” makes me want to move


smallbusinessfunds t1_j4skpq5 wrote

As long as law enforcement is ok with multiple bar fights on friday nights and saturdays as a way to release all those pent up emotions and have prayer forgiveness on sunday morning it's all good.

Why mess up an outstanding record as the most crime free city when one can always pick on a hungry dog.