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formerPhillyguy t1_j4s3hyk wrote

That dog is HUGE! 6'8" sitting down. He can have any lunch he wants.


nihilt-jiltquist t1_j4sz3lk wrote

Those are dog inches, not human inches


asatrocker t1_j4tl3bu wrote

Divide by 7!


Remarkable_Coast_214 t1_j4tx5gw wrote

6 foot 8 = 80 inches

7! = 5040

80/5040 ≈ 0.016 inches

that's a tiny dog


Staticoli t1_j4x4nd9 wrote

Don't do that type of math. It's multiplied by 7. Divided by 7. Try 80/7 instead


Pokeradar t1_j4unpak wrote

That’s about the size of Fenris Wolf from Thor Ragnarok


JTB696699 t1_j4t2ktu wrote

The article said that the officer left his lunch unguarded and nowhere does it say that someone told this good boy no, I see no crime.


sneaky_squirrel t1_j4u4u9n wrote

I don't care if this good boy barks innocent, he should face the judge's bone and serve his time in tail.

This is a disgrace.


ProgressivelyIrate t1_j4siymo wrote

He looks innocent to me. Also, his whiskers tell me he’s got seniority


Esleeezy t1_j4tvi6y wrote

Yes he does! You’re innocent huh puppy! You were hungry huh? Yes you were! Yes you wweeeeerrrrrrr!! You need to groooow huh bubba!!! Yes you do!


PuzzleheadedOne1428 t1_j4rozri wrote

How is this even on a legit CBS outlet?


Hndlbrrrrr t1_j4sf3s5 wrote

Copaganda. Police just trying to make us believe they won’t shoot your dog or you for looking at them a little twitchy.


BenMurray303 t1_j4tntqe wrote

But they give black kids toys that other people donated at Christmas.


smallbusinessfunds t1_j4rw93i wrote

Wyandotte is a city in Wayne County in the U.S. state of Michigan with a population of 24,684 (2021)

Apparently there is no crime in Wyandotte and thus to ensure county, city, state and federal funding they had to make an arrest.


SkeletonEvan t1_j4sa0ts wrote

They also have something like the most bars and churches per capita, lots of fights on weekends but thats about it. As downriver trash myself, this is where to see peak white trash on any bar holiday


ihavenoclevername t1_j4skgzx wrote

I like Wyandotte a lot, especially the old bars and neighborhoods. But Whiskey’s is the only place I’ve ever been arms’ length from two bar fights in ten minutes.


ifrit05 t1_j4vmt9g wrote

I myself am a resident of the Dirty Dot. :)


OPtheOG t1_j4woap2 wrote

i moved to wyandotte right before covid and love it here but hearing “the dirty dot” makes me want to move


smallbusinessfunds t1_j4skpq5 wrote

As long as law enforcement is ok with multiple bar fights on friday nights and saturdays as a way to release all those pent up emotions and have prayer forgiveness on sunday morning it's all good.

Why mess up an outstanding record as the most crime free city when one can always pick on a hungry dog.


EaddyAcres t1_j4rus2c wrote

He was probably hungry, the picture shows an over 6ft dog, I bet it eats a lot. /s


Isle_of_Dusty_Rhodes t1_j4rv85i wrote

You don't care about the thin blue line if you can's see colors.


xantous4201 t1_j4rror7 wrote

The only acceptable crime an officer can commit


SnooRobots3379 t1_j4sawos wrote

I actually think this is really cute and would 10/10 rather hear about this than Greta Thunberg or Andrew Tate.


ScionoftheDagda t1_j4ssfko wrote

Hence why it is on the news.


SnooRobots3379 t1_j4sufur wrote

This was in response to people questioning why it’s news. Try to keep up pussycat.


DaveOJ12 t1_j4t0hfm wrote

>Try to keep up pussycat.

People are certainly strange. I didn't know "pussycat" was an insult.


dummkauf t1_j4u2ezl wrote

Patiently waiting for the dog to post this in r/amitheasshole



MadeFromNews t1_j4t0vty wrote

Imagine how upset the guy who lost his lunch was for this to make headlines. 😂


Megasdoux t1_j4tv0pf wrote

Bake him away toys.


whit4504 t1_j4twxdj wrote

So are we just completely gloss over that this reported crime occurred on Tuesday Jan 12? I literally had to check date of article bc last i checked there is no Tuesday Jan 12 this year. Can only assume typo but this is serious error in reporting. I expect bettor.


djshadesuk t1_j4u6ae2 wrote

Hope he gets a fair trial and not woof justice!


zedemer t1_j4sfu89 wrote

To the pound with him!


FUMFVR t1_j4tads7 wrote

I'm not hearing any definitive proof.


BenMurray303 t1_j4tnp9r wrote

According to Wyandotte Police Department, Officer Bartwig was eating lunch in the breakroom when he received a call to assist someone at the police department's jail. He left his lunch on the table to help.

Man, I really gotta wonder what sort of abuse this guy dealt out if it made him get up from his lunch.


Jsmith0730 t1_j4tyc57 wrote

It was the dog on the phone. He had to get him out of the room somehow.


TossPowerTrap t1_j4ttau3 wrote

This is the sort of story I used to read in the St. Cleve Chronicle.


papawam t1_j4uo4qi wrote

"There's no rules saying a dog CAN'T play basketball."


shakeyjaker t1_j4uprlu wrote

A dogs gotta eat, Mr. Lahey!


west0ne t1_j4v3udn wrote

Right there is the next chief of police.


Farucci t1_j4vmd2s wrote

Looks innocent to me. . .


ARocknRollNerd t1_j4vvuvq wrote

There's an Angie Tribeca joke in here somewhere...


[deleted] t1_j4we8kw wrote



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WatercressHead8021 t1_j55foki wrote

Was worried about getting defunded. Honing his police skills for when he’s on the street. Always uncertain where his next meal is coming from.


therobotisjames t1_j4t4pj2 wrote

Surprised it’s still alive. Cops usually just shoot every dog they see.


wholewheatscythe t1_j4u911d wrote

Once again, dogs of color just get no justice!


connortheios t1_j4ujloo wrote

and now for an internal investigation that comes up with nothing and a paid leave for the dog


Pichardo83 t1_j4uksxb wrote

At least he didnt bang any co workers


ToastFromTexas t1_j4ut9s4 wrote

Currently on paid administrative leave pending investigation


IrocDewclaw t1_j4v8q8n wrote

Every day, another dirty cop getting away with his crimes.


blueskies1800 t1_j4savz4 wrote

Really? They can't be serious holding a dog accountable for human morals.


Shot-Spray5935 t1_j4skjh1 wrote

It's a police dog and cops can't steal. Lock it up in a dog house.


yellowcups77 t1_j4uthms wrote

Bro is on r/nottheonion and is taking a article seriously

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