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marfatardo t1_j5slw33 wrote

How about caning politicians when they get nothing done?! Oh yeah, and how about making them take random drug tests because they get paid with taxpayer funds? And if they don't pass the test that they had to pay for out of their own pocket, cane them!


Riselen t1_j5snwu6 wrote

Why is CHamoru Santa so angry and/or trying to make his bdsm kink policy?


Hellooooooo_NURSE t1_j5skv0b wrote

Here my dumbass read this as “canning” like the criminals would be forced to manually can goods for the homeless or somethin.


Chard069 t1_j5sssr2 wrote

No, the miscreants aren't to PERFORM canning, but to BE canned. In brine, vodka, heavy syrup, whatever. Yeah brine, for pickled politicians. Then I recall a cartoon of Bob Dill, the Singing Pickle with a Nobel. 8-)


Chard069 t1_j5st0q0 wrote

How well does caning work as a deterrent? Any statistics? Why not just apply a horse whip, for REAL pain? Or lock-em in the stocks for a few days, hey?


Rosebunse t1_j5t08zw wrote

It seems to work in Singapore, but then, Singapore is a relatively small island nation with other unique cultures and a host of problems.


tacoman333 t1_j5w0v17 wrote

If you want to emulate something from the Singapore criminal justice system, emulate their strong focus on the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders into society instead of their caning policy which has existed since the 19th century and has done nothing to reduce recidivism.


Arachobia t1_j5v5vn3 wrote

Ever since I learned Al Capone dropped out of school because when a teacher hit him, he hit the teacher back, I've found the idea of corporal punishment working even more ridiculous


Reddittsucksballs t1_j5tv8jx wrote

OMFG……you should have to have a psych evaluation to even run for office.


sexybimbogf t1_j5vq9v8 wrote

anyone proposing corporal punishment is garbage.


SelectiveSanity t1_j5udndj wrote

I've actually contemplated the use of flogging as a viable alternative towards judicial punishment of minor crimes considering the ridiculous amount of time some people get sentenced for when being found guilty of them, provided the accused is given the choice of the two options of course. I mean who wants to spend 10+ years in cell just for doing something really dumb like stealing from a convenience store while being a dumb teenager when you could face a couple of lashes, spend a few months recovering from them and living with the shame of your actions while hopefully learning from your mistake and finding a way to get your life back on track. Is it really cruel and unusual given some long sentences are given out because of corporatism.

So what does this guy have to say-

>Freshman Sen. Dwayne San Nicolas is working on a bill that, if enacted into law, would allow “caning,” or whipping one’s buttocks with a piece of wood as an additional punishment for violent crimes such as rape, murder and armed robbery.

...where the fuck does this Krampus in a Santa skin suit think he lives?! Singapore!? He may be from and be a representative of Guam but its still a US territory last I checked and they still follow US Codes and Laws and as far I'm concerned dealing corporal punishment on top of a prison sentence falls under cruel and unusual. Because how long after they start implementing that do they begin considering using it a regular disciplinary measure?


amurica1138 t1_j5uw5u7 wrote

Today I learned Guam has a legislature composed of (checks notes) 15 senators serving a population of about 170,000 people.


justforthearticles20 t1_j5uwv72 wrote

He has probably also volunteered to be the one that administers the canings.


idliketoseethat t1_j5vn8g0 wrote

When someone says "I don't see why not" what they are really saying is "You will never convince me otherwise".


PM_ME_UR_FLOWERS t1_j5y1mpk wrote

He should be caned for choosing to wear that suit jacket and for wearing a beard like an island castaway


ZY_Qing t1_j5xn99y wrote

I support caning senators who commit crimes.


NotHomework t1_j5simrg wrote

I don't see anything wrong with this. Military does physical punishment all the time, and it would be limited to serious, disgusting crime like rape.


wanker_vision269er t1_j5spnxx wrote

The military, in fact, does not use "physical punishment". Maybe in the Corps, but I got out right after the Pentagon took away our smoking rights.


Fetlocks_Glistening t1_j5spbsa wrote

I mean everybody is complaining about prison overcrowding and cost


swisscriss t1_j5sjfoz wrote

As a child I witnessed one of the scullery boys being caned, he was caught scrumping apples. He never did it again and the lashing healed quickly. All in all I think it was an appropriate punishment for a seven year old


DaisyDukeOfEarlGrey t1_j5slwvs wrote

Oh sure, grown adults beating 7 year olds is totally legit and not problematic at all.


swisscriss t1_j5sm8sm wrote

Glad we are on the same page but I draw the line at anything more than dipping a rattan cane in brine, more than 17 strokes is excessive