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therealdarkcirc t1_j5u3um7 wrote

Eh, hiring incompetent people is something philly has always excelled at.

-a philadelphian


deep_blue003v OP t1_j5w91ay wrote

Yeah we definitely go above and beyond in that department.


TheGlennDavid t1_j5uym0j wrote

To save anyone a click -- people who can't currently swim are allowed to apply. The city will then offer free lessons and instruction, and the people will still need to test into the lifeguard program.

Now, I have NO IDEA if it's reasonably possible to teach a non-swimmer how to swim well enough in 4 months that they can be a lifeguard. My guess would be no, but I don't know.


Hampsterman82 t1_j62twr5 wrote

Depending on how much pool time they get and their general fitness? Ya it's plausible, they're just pulling someone to the side of a pool in summer, no current, waves or major challenges.


Longjumping_Local910 t1_j64b530 wrote

Wouldn’t it just be easier to give them a long pole with a sharp hook and grab the drowners by the swim suit and just yank ‘em out to the side of the pool? /s


EyeWantItThatWay t1_j5wk1us wrote

"Here, I'm throwing you a cheese steak so you can use it to float!"


kevinds t1_j5w9s2r wrote

Most jobs will provide at least some job training..


TorrenceMightingale t1_j5u54ow wrote

It’s the middle of winter.


deep_blue003v OP t1_j5u5gmb wrote

The city does have these things called indoor pools. They also do recruiting/hiring in the off season to fill positions in order to be ready for the summer.


TorrenceMightingale t1_j5ufds2 wrote

Just saying if they’re going to have issues now when most of the swimming places are not in operation, I hate to think what it’s going to be like in the summer.


kevinds t1_j5w9vtt wrote

Only really small places only have their pools open only in the summer time (because they are outdoors).