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ReginaldSP t1_j5z93ew wrote

No, the military is trying to get people into the military. Recruitment is at a record low and the US Armed Forces are great at psyopping young, stupid boys.


MakesCakesEatsMud t1_j5zklqt wrote

One of my friend's kids got tricked into the military by a recruiter. They were able to get him to sign undated enlistment papers when he was still seventeen and then held the papers until his 18th birthday.


aLittleQueer t1_j62md7q wrote

Recruiters are the worst. My cousin's wife thought she was being recruited into the Navy, arrived at boot...only to find she was a Marine. (She's a particularly dim one, so that may not have been entirely the recruiter's fault.)

Turns out, they're surprisingly easy to scare off, though. When you've already said "no" a million times, and they eventually ask, "Why? Are you scared you might have to kill someone?"...just answer, "Nah, that doesn't bother me so much. It's just that I'm pretty sure if I ever am in a situation where I have to kill someone, I'd rather do it without government sanction." As long as you can sell it like you mean it, they will. Not. Fuck with you after that. Ime.