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stumpdawg t1_j6obo5m wrote

Oh shit! That was a major faux pas!!


TorrenceMightingale t1_j6ocln1 wrote

Well… they are likely products of the Virginia school system itself, so it makes sense.


NomDePlume007 t1_j6odag2 wrote

I'm trying not to be cynical here, but whoever approved the grocery sales tax cut needs to approve matching funds for schools to make up the shortfall.


Masticatron t1_j6odgol wrote

>The error stemmed from a failure to reflect last year’s decision to hold localities harmless from the elimination of the state’s portion of the sales tax on groceries, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

So...yeah, kind of.


Mouthtuom t1_j6oh29l wrote

“We accidentally transferred the money into our bank accounts. Our bad”.


rimjobnemesis t1_j6ojg8v wrote

Well, they have the tremendous Governor Youngkin, who perhaps can fix this, because….parents! SAD!!!



Prof_Yakkington t1_j6p1y81 wrote

since i´m not from the us, i never heard from him. after a quick search (less than ~3mins ?!) i got one question:how does" From washing dishes to support his family to being named co-CEO[...]" (-his website) fit into his career according to wikipedia (wanted to quote something short to make my point but it seems the whole wiki page is my point) ?


knewbees t1_j6pi8jz wrote

I wonder if we could get a spotlight investigation on Youngkin like the one on Santos. I'm sure there is dirt. He sure seemed to owe a lot of favors to a lot of people that he started paying off on day one.


Khemith t1_j6pjo7c wrote

"Atleast we stopped CRT Hyuck!"