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jaybazzizzle t1_j5yvl0b wrote

Your god must be pretty weak if he needs mortals to do his dirty work


Mr_Zeldion t1_j61zf90 wrote

Must be confused to if he made the majority of the population a non believer or a believer of other gods lol


Raammson t1_j60napq wrote

My god is pretty lazy he made the universe and discarded it as one would a broken watch.


DarkSoulsEz t1_j61nmsv wrote

Atheists really says this and think they got their "gotcha moment" lmao


crispy1989 t1_j61ph8x wrote

Nah, this is just for fun - but it's amusing (although not entirely surprising) that religious folk might not be able to distinguish between a joke and a logical argument.

Even if this weren't just a joke, a weak god doesn't equal a nonexistent god. Atheists' actual reasons are backed up by logic and critical thinking.


DarkSoulsEz t1_j61qbh0 wrote

Its also amusing that atheist folk might not be able to have a conversation with religious people without sounding condescending.


crispy1989 t1_j61qjef wrote

>Atheists really says this and think they got their "gotcha moment" lmao


DarkSoulsEz t1_j61qqqr wrote

Your god must be pretty weak if he needs mortals to do his dirty work


crispy1989 t1_j61rmq9 wrote

I can't believe I have to explain this, but ...

>Atheists really says this and think they got their "gotcha moment" lmao

is not simply mimicry, as you seem to have understood. Rather, it is a pithy example of the irony of

>atheist folk might not be able to have a conversation with religious people without sounding condescending


ArbitNM t1_j61srro wrote

Well now you just sound smarter than him which is clearly condescending /s


a4techkeyboard t1_j61x07t wrote

Well, obviously, a religious person doesn't like being condescended to instead of being patronized.


nosargeitwasntme t1_j63dfkn wrote

Not nearly as embarrassing as flaunting dark age storybooks about a fictional deity and thinking you "owned" atheists with it.


CatAvailable3953 t1_j5zfplr wrote

Yea. That’s what free will is for.


TitaniumTalons t1_j5zupfn wrote

Your god is pretty weak if he cant do his dirty work without violating free will


CatAvailable3953 t1_j604fnh wrote

You are thinking of Greek Gods. Free will means we can tell God to piss off. We will not be stopped by devine intervention.


FlailingFatKid t1_j60l1ga wrote

I just don't know why you're being downvoted, I also like to tell my imaginary friends to piss off


CatAvailable3953 t1_j60repa wrote

It must be the God haters club. Either that or it’s the free will. The only words common to both of my massively down voted posts. It doesn’t matter.


Khemith t1_j61e097 wrote

"god haters club" Better than the "I believe in unicorns club"


crispy1989 t1_j61qdvd wrote

Eh, that's not really a fair comparison. One of these might be real, and one is purely fantasy. Unicorns aren't that far removed from horses, so it wouldn't surprise me if such an animal existed at one point.


carson63000 t1_j6543qe wrote

I mean, shit, narwhals exist. It’s not unreasonable to believe that there might be a land animal with a single horn in the middle of its head.


bUrNtKoOlAiD t1_j5z3r60 wrote

Yeah, well, that's just like, your opinion, man.


DJCPhyr t1_j5z7dyg wrote

I am a simple man, I see a lebowski quote, I upvote.


bUrNtKoOlAiD t1_j60olh2 wrote

I try not to overuse the quote but sometimes nothing else will do.


sp1ku t1_j601e8h wrote

You said it man, nobody fucks with the Jesus Allah


TheNaug t1_j5zipz4 wrote

The most thin-skinned religion on the entire planet.


SpinningHead t1_j60lg42 wrote

Never met an American evangelical?


echaa t1_j61eh8z wrote

I mean, they're assholes, but they don't go around beheading people for insulting Jesus.

Not yet anyway.


Sir-Kevly t1_j63994h wrote

They bomb abortion clinics and commit mass shootings all the time. But somehow we're able to separate the people from the religion when it comes to Christianity.


sc937 t1_j61gros wrote

No, they tend to prefer bombings like Oklahoma City, or shootings.


CarCaste t1_j61k9rv wrote

Those are rogues, not mainstream and widely accepted like it is for the beheading religion


Sir-Kevly t1_j639bnk wrote

Did you maybe stop to think that Islamic terrorists are rogues in a similar capacity?


sc937 t1_j61ksyf wrote

Have you ever been in an evangelical church? They aren't rogues. They're just the ones who don't care about keeping the mask on.

Extremist Christianity is a threat. Period.


R3sion t1_j62rcx2 wrote

Religious zealots are threat. Period


jens-2420 t1_j62hhsc wrote

It is totally about politics. Erdogan uses Islam as a tool to show strong-man behavior.


Sir-Kevly t1_j6392m2 wrote

Have you met an evangelical Christian lately? Fundamentalists suck regardless of religion.


wastelandho t1_j5z0pf5 wrote

Prove it?


CatAvailable3953 t1_j5zfxnc wrote

Can’t prove a negative. It’s like answering “Have you stopped beating your wife?”


gangler52 t1_j5zn27u wrote

That's the opposite.

Can't prove a negative means you can't prove that Allah isn't one. So in your example, proving that you don't beat your wife is impossible.

"Allah is one" is a positive. You can prove those. The same way you can prove that you do beat your wife.


Educational_Set1199 t1_j60wkz9 wrote

If you prove that Allah is one, you have also proved that Allah is not two. But "Allah is not two" is a negative, which we know cannot be proved. Therefore, it is impossible to prove that Allah is one.


SpinningHead t1_j60lblj wrote

>"Allah is one" is a positive. You can prove those.

So prove it.


gangler52 t1_j61ktv5 wrote

I'm gonna blow your mind here.

There's a difference between not being able to prove something because it's untrue, and being unable to prove something something because it's a negative statement.

Going back to the analogy, you can prove that somebody beats their wife, people do that all the time, but if they don't beat their wife then that's a pretty significant obstacle to that undertaking, and it's not because you're making a statement that would require you have every moment of this dude's life recorded from birth to present day in order to come to a definite conclusion.

You can't prove that unicorns don't exist because the data required for that would be too comprehensive. We haven't observed all of existence. But you can't prove that unicorns do exist, because they don't. You can prove that squirrels exist, by looking out your window, and pointing at the squirrel. Proving the existence of something isn't inherently an impossible achievement.

Proving that something exists and is "one" would obviously need some further work to define what qualities being "one" describes, but that's provable, but only if it's true, as opposed to the reverse, which is fundamentally unprovable without completely unfeasible amounts of evidence.


PM_ME_UR_XTRA_NIPS t1_j60o4ru wrote

Their prophet consummated his marriage when his wife was a whole 9 years old. Nine. Religion is gross.


SpinningHead t1_j60pvha wrote

What does that even have to do with proving an imaginary deity "is one"? Also, the Bible is equally gross.


uummwhat t1_j622ghp wrote

You can prove it is a statement about its provability, not its trueness.


Khemith t1_j61dmbh wrote

LOL someone probably called you out and now you are trying to use it on someone else, but you only end up proving that you STILL don't understand the concept.

Oh look you're a typical christo reactionary.


coolluck33 t1_j601o7a wrote

Surprisingly, Erdogan didn't warn the Swedes to hide their young boys & virgin girls from his Almighty Army.


RMSQM t1_j60he4z wrote

Religion is a cancer on modern society


ButterscotchSure6589 t1_j6046vc wrote

Wonder who nato countries would side with if non NATO Sweden was attacked by NATO member Turkey


Ramitt80 t1_j60jl7m wrote

I do not believe the treaty requires NATO members to aid a member if they are the attacking member, it is defensive in nature.


ItDoesntMatter59 t1_j60vd7a wrote

Sweden is not a member……


ThatOneDutchGuy t1_j60xd4v wrote

Ramitt was saying that NATO wouldn't protect the aggressor if the aggressor is a member. Turkey is a member. Therefore NATO would not assist Turkey if they were to attack Sweden.


The_Dirtiest_Doc t1_j60x4b4 wrote

That’s not what he said. If they are the attacking member = if the NATO member is the one doing the attacking.


wiki-1000 t1_j62hyzh wrote

NATO would intervene in some way if Turkey decides to march its army through several other NATO members to attack Sweden.


jens-2420 t1_j62hd68 wrote

Like Turkey invaded Cyprus, and threatens Greece, you mean?


Nivekian13 t1_j60up7q wrote

Nato needs to seize nukes from them we paid for/ maintain, and let them pal up with Russia. Fuck these assholes.


Veylon t1_j626mms wrote

Turkey was supplying Ukraine with lethal weaponry - including drone strike craft - when the rest of NATO was playing wait-and-see.

Turkey's government is absolutely a bunch of assholes, but they're a bunch of assholes who want to see Russia broken. That's why they're in NATO.


junction182736 t1_j5yxi4k wrote

Religion...just always seems to complicate things.


Leiryn t1_j60ab2y wrote

Every day the world proves that religious people are nuts


Darkality24 t1_j5zzlpo wrote

I would love to hear the Saudi's opinion on Allah being turkish.


elimtevir t1_j5znd5u wrote

Settle down, Francis. You're going to flail over someone insulting your self-help book from an imaginary Sky God?


GonnaGoFar t1_j62naif wrote

Ataturk is rolling in his grave. Absolute travesty.


Sir-Kevly t1_j639lfp wrote

Remember when Turkey was supposed to be a secular state?


jiyujinkyle t1_j61xjtw wrote

Doesn't Turkey's constitution say it's a secular state?


Cinema_King t1_j60plu2 wrote

I have it on good authority that God and his army are American.

Source: freedom!


Mordheim1999 t1_j62vb6i wrote

Banjo version of The Star-Spangled Banner starts playing


funlickr t1_j621h0t wrote

haha! Crom laughs at your Turkish army


Stryker2279 t1_j62dowu wrote

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk would be ashamed of what Erdogan has done with his country.


kokopilau t1_j5zp2cq wrote

What a fucking demagogue.


Then-Abies t1_j602rld wrote

Don't they have the same Uncle A-bra-ham?


Elipses_ t1_j60mc6h wrote

Is one? Is one what?


WaitingForNormal t1_j60qy3l wrote

“Allah” geezuz fucking holidays. These people.


Gebling65 t1_j61qn6c wrote

Hell is filled with Turks.


uummwhat t1_j622ixr wrote

"I remind", like Sweden's gonna be like oh damn, I forgot.


ICLazeru t1_j62gwjx wrote

Turk...ish? Call back when they are real Turks.


pieter3d t1_j62lhe4 wrote

If "Allah is one", then wouldn't Sweden also be Allah? I'm all for interpreting Abrahamic religions from a non-dualistic perspective, but then you can't pick and choose.


zstandig t1_j610llv wrote

I thought God had legions of angels or something


Low_Discipline8575 t1_j62gdgv wrote

Lol. As an American, I don't think the Swedes give a fuck.


[deleted] t1_j62jzz0 wrote



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Denaton_ t1_j633xj8 wrote

So first they are going to cyber attack our banks with old-school computers and modems and then they going in with an army? Are we allowed to counter attack?


Anaccepted t1_j637qtk wrote

Swede here. We have pretty much grown tired of Erdogan and Turkey. If NATO happens, it happens.

We are not gonna sell out our democracy to a dictator wannabe. Get real or get lost.

Erdogan bought oil from ISIS while bombing Kurds. Enough said about his "religious morale".

Besides, we have a number of military alliances as it is already. Make a move on Finland and see what happens.


Happypappy007 t1_j63qdeb wrote

Erdogan, “let’s return to the tenth century.”


DontToewsMeBro2 t1_j67o095 wrote

Gobble gobble MUTHA-FUCKA, you forgot to properly research as-an-adult what you hold so dear. Kids, they’ll believe anything ya tell em’


Khemith t1_j61e34y wrote

The funny thing is that the Biden admin supports Erdogan and even looked the other way while they commit genocide of the Kurds.