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SpinningHead t1_j60lg42 wrote


echaa t1_j61eh8z wrote

I mean, they're assholes, but they don't go around beheading people for insulting Jesus.

Not yet anyway.


Sir-Kevly t1_j63994h wrote

They bomb abortion clinics and commit mass shootings all the time. But somehow we're able to separate the people from the religion when it comes to Christianity.


sc937 t1_j61gros wrote

No, they tend to prefer bombings like Oklahoma City, or shootings.


CarCaste t1_j61k9rv wrote

Those are rogues, not mainstream and widely accepted like it is for the beheading religion


Sir-Kevly t1_j639bnk wrote

Did you maybe stop to think that Islamic terrorists are rogues in a similar capacity?


sc937 t1_j61ksyf wrote

Have you ever been in an evangelical church? They aren't rogues. They're just the ones who don't care about keeping the mask on.

Extremist Christianity is a threat. Period.


R3sion t1_j62rcx2 wrote

Religious zealots are threat. Period