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DarkSoulsEz t1_j61qqqr wrote

Your god must be pretty weak if he needs mortals to do his dirty work


crispy1989 t1_j61rmq9 wrote

I can't believe I have to explain this, but ...

>Atheists really says this and think they got their "gotcha moment" lmao

is not simply mimicry, as you seem to have understood. Rather, it is a pithy example of the irony of

>atheist folk might not be able to have a conversation with religious people without sounding condescending


ArbitNM t1_j61srro wrote

Well now you just sound smarter than him which is clearly condescending /s


a4techkeyboard t1_j61x07t wrote

Well, obviously, a religious person doesn't like being condescended to instead of being patronized.