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dominus_aranearum t1_j6e0hhl wrote

I am fun.

My whole point was that without being there and looking at the evidence, it's pointless to say what caused it or start pointing fingers. Nowhere did I give my take as a 100% correct. I gave options for potential causes that it could be from a broken pipe or from weather-related drainage issues. I also gave the opinion that it is of course location dependent, but blaming the city for not wanting to take responsibility was ridiculous at this point given the lack of investigation details.

But hey, if offering my experienced opinion and calling out an armchair skeptic who automatically blames the city with zero evidence gives me down votes, no worries, I'll take them all day long.


BuffSwolington t1_j6e1jfp wrote

Nobody asked for your experienced opinion. You realize you are on Reddit right? Nobody is contracting you for this particular investigation. Great, the OC was probably wrong in his assessment. Once again, why does it bother you so much that you have to act like this? Just take the L and move on knowing you were right but nobody likes how you act anyway


dominus_aranearum t1_j6e9me0 wrote

Nope, nobody asked for my opinion. Nor did anyone ask for the opinion of the person I replied to. Except they didn't state it as an opinion but as a fact, throwing out an accusation against the city. I recognize that this is Reddit and that there are all manner of idiots behind keyboards up here, myself included, but just as in real life I don't stand for misinformation or unfounded accusations, I don't on Reddit either.

I'm not driven by caring what others think about me. I'm not driven by Reddit karma. It is more important to me that the correct information is given more weight than incorrect information. Unfounded accusations destroy people's lives. Even when the facts come out at a later point, the damage has been done. I recognize that an individual person has not been accused and the city won't suffer any harm by the comment I replied to, the principal is the same.

We live in a world of propaganda. We live in a world where people have serious difficulty differentiating between truth and lies. We live in a world where people tolerate rather than accept. These are major factors that on a grand scale lead to the downward spiral the world is currently facing. The history that repeats itself over and over. People get complacent. People accept lies and abuse because they don't want to get involved. I'm done doing that. Changes have to start at the smallest level. Even one anonymous person to another.

Besides, this is a 20 comment post. I'm allowed to rant and get it off my chest so I can get on with my day. While I appreciate the concern, your cheerful disposition would be better suited helping somebody who bleeds negativity.

Good day.