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LevelHeeded t1_j64xsym wrote

My aunt in law was going off about this at Thanksgiving... after a bit of a discussion and some articles, thankfully she's one of the few that can admit she was wrong.

The one point that really got her was when I asked for proof, and she didn't have any, and then I asked if she honestly thought, in this day and age, if some kid was dropping a deuce in the middle of class in a litter box that we wouldn't have a shit load of pictures/video?

It's still so amazing the stupid shit people default believe with zero evidence.


Musicman1972 t1_j6579wt wrote

I really hope you said "dropping a deuce" in family conversation!

But yeah it's a good point. Everything is filmed these days... Even a student just meowing would be all over tik tok in a minute.


LevelHeeded t1_j65bsya wrote

Oh yeah, it's my second favorite way to describe pooping, it's only topped by "I gotta get something down on paper".

I've seen random ass pics on Reddit from multiple angles, pretty sure some kid shitting in box during Biology would be on r/trashy and r/PublicFreakout multiple times. You know if there was even a shred of proof Fox would have ran that story 24/7 for about a month.


SpinningHead t1_j65sd9g wrote

I expect it in my country. Im sad to see this in Ireland.