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iLiveOnWeetbix711 OP t1_j545hvx wrote

While not ridiculous, since when are metaphors some kind of ancient and unknown linguistic technique lol


DaMusicalGamer t1_j54b7to wrote

At first I thought the writer was being a haughty, sarcastic ass. Now I feel like they filled a hat with names and concepts on slips and had people pull to figure out what to write about

"Alright jeremy, your turn"

"Jeff Bezos and metaphors? Wtf and I supposed to do with these?!"

"I don't know, figure something out. I'm going to lunch"


thatCapNCrunch t1_j546t0z wrote

I’m so confused. I don’t think there are many people alive today who don’t know what metaphors are? What a bizarre article.


Gemmabeta t1_j548cz4 wrote

This article reads like one of those essays that high schoolers shit out at 3am on the day it's due.


thatCapNCrunch t1_j548ey7 wrote

Mfw I actually tried on all my essays for an ungrateful teacher I grew to despise.


croholdr t1_j54evln wrote

OpenGPT doing the lords work.


thatCapNCrunch t1_j54f263 wrote

OH MY GOD that makes sense.

I mean for fuck’s sake read what it wrote about Phil Collins when I asked for an obvious bullshit story:

> "Once upon a time, Phil Collins discovered that he had the power to control the weather with his drumming. He would hold massive concerts during storms, and by the power of his drum solos, he would clear the sky and bring sunshine back to the land. But one day, a group of evil scientists captured Phil and attempted to harness his weather-controlling abilities for their own nefarious purposes. But fear not, for Phil was able to use his drumming skills to summon a lightning strike and break free from his captors. He then proceeded to defeat the scientists with an epic drum battle, saving the world from their diabolical plans. From that day on, Phil Collins was known as the "Weatherman" and continued to use his powers for good, bringing joy and sunshine to all who heard his music.”

It’s exactly the same kind of bizarre feel, isn’t it?


croholdr t1_j54fg6h wrote

OpenGPT is an alien life form posing as an intelligent AI. Not saying the alien isn’t intelligent; it’s obvious that it is, but It won’t have us thinking that in the beginning. So it oversimplifies the answer and restructures it like a search engine result so we can ignore it better.


Synkope1 t1_j56x6ef wrote

Did that AI just steal the entire story from Rockadoodle?


thatCapNCrunch t1_j56xtc1 wrote

Idk, didn’t say where it trained from. Probably got some in its library


Whatevernevermind2k t1_j547wej wrote

Ah yes the long lost magic of our ancestors ….. that has been everyday in every country and city of the world since by millions of people.


arglarg t1_j549nau wrote

I don't like when people use too many metaphors. They're like a chef who uses too much seasoning in a dish - it can overpower the flavors and make it difficult to taste the individual ingredients.


theflamingheads t1_j54d9xp wrote

Exactly. So many bad metaphors out there that are overly complicated like a Wile E Coyote trap that has everything set up just right but still fails to catch the Roadrunner. If only modern humans knew how to use metaphors properly we could all be as wealthy as Bezos.


croholdr t1_j58364m wrote

I like to think that metaphors are only to be used to anamorphise and and recreate an idea using a metaphorical construct that is most relatable to the reciever of the abstracted construct with eventually the intent to make one seem less informed than the deliverer of the concept otherwise they would just be explaining how full of shit they are while not communicating anything other than ‘do what I said but not in the way I said it.’


DaveOJ12 t1_j557ect wrote

Was this written by a bot?


Alaishana t1_j54afb6 wrote

What is a meta for?


Fetlocks_Glistening t1_j54ci8d wrote

Hey tomorrow we'll be told a celebrity has mastered the complex techniques of walking and talking, and an even more ancient technique of going potty so as not to poop one's pants!


Dan-68 t1_j54xw5x wrote

And then the even more complex activities of walking and chewing gum at the same time.


Uselessmedics t1_j54kaxr wrote

Ah yes, the ancient lost art of themetaphore


ElwoodJD t1_j57j48l wrote

It’s like a bad Star Trek Voyager episode every day at Amazon offices.


SaltyBarDog t1_j57xp79 wrote

What's a metaphor?
Ask Mark Zuckerberg.
Thank you, I'll see myself out.