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plummbob t1_j6ns7qz wrote

the fuck your feelings crowd huh


OhHiGCHQ t1_j6ophhh wrote

The "Fuck your feelings" crowd are, by far, the most emotional, easily enraged snowflakes you can imagine. Any issue they get pissed at is tiny compared to the stink they kick up about it.


vacri t1_j6pae09 wrote

The emphasis is on the "your"...


IvanStarokapustin t1_j6n2qqq wrote

Conservatives now concerned that coffee will make you gay and less racist.


Musetrigger t1_j6nkzya wrote

Breitbart News: "Coffee makes you a Hitler hating liberal!"


Deyln t1_j6n4i4v wrote

You'd be surprised at how many mundane things that make you gay. Like clipping your own hair nostrils.


domo415 OP t1_j6n658f wrote

I have to say no homo before wiping my ass.


spoke2 t1_j6nsia9 wrote

Or extending your palm away from you when inspecting your fingernails!


aesemon t1_j6p7cn3 wrote

Knew I'm getting past it when the barber spends as much time cutting the hair from my ears, nose, and eyebrows as he does the hair on top of my head.


Zeduca t1_j6om9z4 wrote

Coffee this morning certainly woke me up.


echaa t1_j6pe9ao wrote

Well water turns frogs gay and coffee is made with water.


maybe_Lena t1_j6nprnc wrote

But trans people are snowflakes


kevinds t1_j6nboa9 wrote

Free advertising..


Fando1234 t1_j6nj5i1 wrote

I hope so. It's a good reminder that unlike the internet, most people (like this shop owner) literally don't care about 'wokeism'. And just associate the word, quite rightly, with waking up and having breakfast.


OttersEatFish t1_j6o3u0f wrote

“People are so sensitive! It’s just a word. We said it all the time growing up.”

Looks up to see the sign for a cafe containing a word that has no real meaning and immediately sets himself on fire.


Zeduca t1_j6olypt wrote

People are so on dimensional.


menlindorn t1_j6myuid wrote

>Carmen Quiroga called her cafe ‘Woke’ to signal to customers ‘Wake up and have a coffee’.

Clickbait. If you care about this, no coffee for you. Seems like a great way to keep bigots out of your place.


Mattie725 t1_j6nnhvq wrote

There is quite the spectrum between bigotry and what is considered as woke today though.

Today 'woke' is considered what happens when good and necessary ideas are taken too far, out of context and are merely an excuse to search for bad intentions in everything. Which was obviously not what the woke ideology was originally about.

Said all that, when a coffee bar calls itself 'Woke', I think you should find that clever regardless of your ideas.


bilateralrope t1_j6o5f1c wrote

Please give us some examples of "when good and necessary ideas are taken too far". Being vague just makes us assume the worst of you.


Mattie725 t1_j6oabtp wrote

From my job: really good that my large, international employer focuses on diversity and everyone feeling like they have no obstacles because of gender, sexuality, colour,... However, targeting 40% women in technical/engineering positions by 2025 when it's currently 30% and only 20% of graduates in engineering are women, is letting your perfectly fine ideas of equality run over the reality of the situation.

Also from my job: I've been denied an internal training because 'we are looking for a more diverse group'. Aka, we already have a few white men so we will now deny 70% of our workforce in light of 'diversity and equality'.

Oh or better! A big city in Belgium has publicly stated that if multiple applicants for a job have the same qualifications, they will chose the one from a minority group. Again, everyone deserves a job, but you can't justify obvious discrimination because it's not against a minority.


icanith t1_j6os7w2 wrote

Wow so you are dragging out the ole anti affirmative action argument. Move along ppl nothing to see here.


Mattie725 t1_j6ovm3l wrote

You mean the 'don't fight discrimination with more discrimination but just against other people' argument? I absolutely do.

I'm not denying there was and is discrimination. But that's no reason to openly discriminate against me because I am a white man.

*young man btw. It's not like I've built a career on discriminating others.


ImminentZero t1_j6oz3tl wrote

> A big city in Belgium has publicly stated that if multiple applicants for a job have the same qualifications, they will chose the one from a minority group.

There needs to be some sort of tiebreaker in that case, what would you suggest? What's an equitable solution in that case?


Mattie725 t1_j6p2hou wrote

As far as I know, they might spin a wheel. I don't know. But solving said problem by openly discriminating against people who don't happen to be a minority is as bad as the inverse.


Mattie725 t1_j6nvk45 wrote

Haha I'm not denying that some like to use the negative connotation of 'woke' to make everything sound bad.

The extreme left will call everything bigotry and the extreme right will call everything woke. Because there can only be two options and once someone/something is labelled, further discussion isn't necessary...


Zren8989 t1_j6nzi42 wrote

Yeah the original term woke was first used by people of color, long before the right decided to use it for propaganda purposes.


halfanothersdozen t1_j6n2nat wrote




People need to chill the fuck out.


WintertimeFriends t1_j6njngg wrote

Chilled out people aren’t going to vote angry tho.


ricottapie t1_j6onx48 wrote

"Leftists are so whiny and reactive!"

[Foams at the mouth over the name of a cafe that they've never been to and have no intention of visiting]


ricottapie t1_j6on8m6 wrote

I'd like to know how many people make up several. Three? Five? Fifteen?


mrmacr t1_j6ngriz wrote

Meanwhile Red State BBQ is alive and well in KY...


Fando1234 t1_j6niwka wrote

This article is literally the epitome of pointless culture war crap.

"Several people in a Coventry Facebook group complained about the restaurant being called Woke"

That's the story.

I'm genuinely not sure what's dumber. The 'several people' who bothered commenting about something so stupid on Facebook. Or the fact the Guardian have dedicated a whole article to what several people wrote on a Facebook group.


ffxivthrowaway03 t1_j6ofw4i wrote

My vote is for the people who took it a step further, and are now arguing about it in the reddit comments.

This is the modern news cycle, it's all just outrage bait to get people riled up and talking shit about "the other team." Doesn't even matter if the topic at hand is factual as long as they can leverage it to rationalize being angry and attacking "the enemy."


amerkanische_Frosch t1_j6n99e6 wrote

I don't know what is more ridiculous, the fact that some people criticized the name, or the fact that the existence of about a dozen comments on Facebook has made this a front page story.


realise2056 t1_j6oiiaw wrote

Conservative snowflakes are the funniest snowflakes.


Ineedtwocats t1_j6olska wrote

sad-funny, right?

like, being trapped on a planet of imbeciles funny


Gibbonici t1_j6nsv0w wrote

These conservatives are so very easily triggered.


oliverkloezoff t1_j6o30a5 wrote

They make stuff up as a distraction so they don't have to deal with the real issues.


rdrast t1_j6oncut wrote

It's more they make up absolutely fake 'outrage' to distract attention from their asinine 'policies'.


Dirt_E_Harry t1_j6n1zyx wrote

Just rename the restaurant, Wakey Wakey.


[deleted] t1_j6n3gpu wrote



iSpeakforWinston t1_j6n7abz wrote

Eggs and dead babies*

That'll really get under their skin.

Edit: homie I replied to deleted their comment because my cafe name was too good.


Almost_Defective t1_j6nnwwj wrote

well, at least she will have less assholes as customers!


sugar_addict002 t1_j6obhj3 wrote

The name of this restaurant is not the problem for its owners. the problem is that the anti-woke revel in their stupidity. They don't even recognize that there are multiple meanings for many words. I would tell them they need to learn about homonyms but accuse me of being a groomer.


Here2Derp t1_j6ofsn7 wrote

Give little babies pacifiers when they throw a fit.


Zeduca t1_j6olste wrote

“Pacifier” is a good name for a hot milk drink for the non wokes.


meestercranky t1_j6piaqu wrote

She can change the name and still be Mexican and that’ll still cause problems for the Teeny Peenie Trumpholes


pitbullprogrammer t1_j6p6en2 wrote

The irony is that the shop owner claims she doesn't know the political inflection of "woke" and therefore shouldn't be judged for using it how she sees fit with no regard how it affects other people. Which is the EXACT argument against political correctness.

The right wingers in this town want political correctness in their own way, this is hilarious.


Zeduca t1_j6oljhb wrote

Offer an alternative like “Sleepy” may calm the sleepy down.


icanith t1_j6orwdw wrote

So a dozen ppl complaining on Facebook makes headlines. Slow news day.


VanDenBroeck t1_j6oy0ca wrote

Woke up, fell out of bed Dragged a comb across my head Found my way downstairs and drank a cup …


dw444 t1_j6p4jfl wrote

Woke up this morning and got yourself some angry conservatives.


VanDenBroeck t1_j6oxldv wrote

Those tough rugged conservatives really are just a bunch of snowflakes.


ricottapie t1_j6omyxz wrote

"Several people in a Coventry Facebook group"



timojenbin t1_j6p3f2v wrote

"Shiny Red Button Cafe" is going to drive them nuts!


MWF123 t1_j6p62ry wrote

Meeeeaahhhh liberals are too sensitive


vaksninus t1_j6oo0ly wrote

bad branding, unfortunate but makes sense. We live in a society. A icecream company in my country changed their name from isis (ice ice in my language) when the terror group was in the media a lot.


Orcabandana t1_j6oqdfl wrote

They're not the same thing. Being woke is not the same as being a terrorist group, and changing the name would be bending into rightist misappropriation of the word.


vaksninus t1_j6oxsg4 wrote

of course its not the same thing, but it's the same principle. Some people don't like woke because of the group it represents, some people do.


Orcabandana t1_j6oy7uu wrote

So you want them to bend over for the group that don't like woke?