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DennisHakkie t1_j5qsvl2 wrote

In my language we have two words, one is “Remains” and the other is roughly translated to “Surplus” but can translate it to “human cadaver” too.

The government and news agencies aren’t allowed to be use the word “Cadaver” anymore because that would mean that there’s nothing of value anymore. Some people instead think that even if the soul has left the body, that said body still holds value.

In this case, I can kind of understand what they are trying to accomplish.

Your point about stolen artifacts is valid too, though there can also be valid reasons for not returning the artifacts. Like, for example the museological standards are way lower in said nation, meaning that most artifacts won’t be there in 100 years anymore.

Most reasons are bullshit, of course, not going to lie


diagnosedwolf t1_j5r9zg7 wrote

A human body has an average price of $550,000 according to Medical Transcript. Of course, if you could max out your prices and sell every part of you for its individual street value, you’d walk away with 45 million dollars.

So, they’re not wrong. Human remains are extremely valuable.


DennisHakkie t1_j5sfuqj wrote

This is a change that was made like 2-3 years ago because the majority of people said they weren’t part of a religion anymore. I was talking about the theological meaning of “no value” aka. You died, your soul is gone, your body has no emotional or physical value anymore :-)

That’s the only reason, not because of monetary reasons and you don’t want to know how many people break that law live on TV