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Dirt_E_Harry t1_j559i6e wrote

I eat about 4 Rotisserie each month. I eat a salad every day for lunch with shredded rotisserie chicken. A chicken would last me one work week. I'd remove the meat from the bones, shred the meat and store them in a tupperware. I like ranch dressing on my salad and Cajun seasoning on the chicken.


ChuckFeathers t1_j56izy1 wrote

That's not how you eat rotisserie chicken. What you do is open a bottle of hot sauce, hit that baby hard with it, and then eat the chicken while standing up at the kitchen counter. It is also acceptable to use the breast meat to make chicken tacos, quesadillas or wraps.


TheProfessaur t1_j55v2cd wrote

This might be the most boring comment I've ever read on this site. It's impressive really.


undulatee t1_j56dy7i wrote

Disagree. Now I’m gonna go make Cajun rotisserie chicken with ranch.


iamsce t1_j557nb3 wrote

The Wade Boggs diet.


menlindorn t1_j55fq1p wrote

Wade Boggs didn't drink 70 beers because he was trying to win some competition. He just did it because he was like... thirsty?


menlindorn t1_j55fzj3 wrote

I'm not gonna read this. It only encourages this kind of ridiculous tiktok nonsense behavior. People be doing the "100 donuts in 100 days" challenge, and wonder why they don't feel so good.


jedikraken OP t1_j55hums wrote

That's exactly why I posted it - I feel like it's very oniony that this made the news at all.


rabea187 t1_j5571m1 wrote

Not all rotisserie chickens are created equal, however I can barely manage eating more than one every two months at best


ExternalUserError t1_j55i3rc wrote

He should have washed it down with some 40oz malt liquor bottles.


MOS95B t1_j56n8c9 wrote

To quote Brave Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-As-Sir-Lancelot

That's easy!!


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_j58kbn9 wrote

I just get thighs or drumsticks and make it myself to last a few days. More cost effective. Just need to have the patience to wait an hour for the oven the first time.


Earnastus t1_j56avmi wrote



jedikraken OP t1_j56b81y wrote

That's my point in posting it. It's oniony that this made the news.