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wtfburritoo t1_j55gtqm wrote

Humanity will never make any forward progress as a species when half the global population is stuck in the fucking bronze age.


wwarnout t1_j55pcqz wrote

Here's the thing - people in the bronze age didn't know a lot because that kind of knowledge hadn't been discovered yet. Therefore, they were ignorant through no fault of their own.

Ignorance today is inexcusable. Modern society has access to knowledge, but many choose to ignore it. This is willful ignorance, and is far more detrimental to society than simple ignorance.


wtfburritoo t1_j55ua6k wrote

Nail on the head. Today's ignorance is willful. What we see now are humans afraid of change, that willingly bury their heads in the sand so as to ignore the evolving world around them.


laplongejr t1_j55wssz wrote

They aren't merely ignorants, they are anti-knowledge.
A willful ignorant wouldn't care about what happens around the world once their sand is buried. Those people want to make sure the entire world stops evolving so they don't look like the guys with a head in the send.


TaserLord t1_j55emdm wrote

Weren't these guys prescribing cow urine for covid? When all you have is a hammer, I guess everything starts to look like a nail.


GetlostMaps t1_j56u9er wrote

I'm saving this comment on my beefsteak hard drive.


Effective-Elevator83 t1_j56c5pl wrote

Citizen living in country run by religious zealots is subjected to religious laws. ~surprised Pikachu face~


HarryHacker42 t1_j5704tl wrote

Next their Supreme Court will use 13th century laws to tell women what crimes will put them in jail:


Icolent t1_j55xcwg wrote

This need to be sent as case study maybe in international court of justice. The knowledge of the judge needs to be shared internationally. Maybe Havard,MIT or Oxford can also be called in


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_j58g5ou wrote

To be fair has anyone ever tried protecting themselves from atomic radiation with cow dung and had it fail?


SunchaserKandri t1_j56tw5c wrote

You'd think we'd be lining reactors and whatnot with cow shit if that were actually true. The willful ignorance of some people in an age where you can carry around a fairly powerful computer in your pocket that provides nearly instant access to pretty much any information you could conceivably need is beyond infuriating sometimes.


GetlostMaps t1_j56ughn wrote

I mean, it does a little tiny bit. It has water in it.


Xyrus2000 t1_j570s0t wrote

Pretty much anything can stop alpha radiation. Beta radiation needs a bit more, but again it doesn't take much. So hypothetically, a typical cow patty could block some forms of nuclear radiation.

Gamma radiation, depending on the energy can penetrate lead and concrete. So unless you're talking about multiple cubic meter sized cow patties they aren't going to be blocking gamma radiation.

However, based on what this miserable idiot of judge has said I doubt he has any idea what he's actually talking about.


twsddangll t1_j59rmym wrote

I’ve never heard of someone deep-throating cow cock before with so much gleeful enthusiasm but that judge went at it like a pro. Or a Vergne police officer.


BoxGrover t1_j5ihdb0 wrote

The Hindutva have taken india back to caste and religious wars, ignorance and hatred


chasonreddit t1_j568lo5 wrote

Well let's stay focused here. Yes the cow dung and cow urine things are pretty silly. But this kid is being given life in prison for attempting to kill a food animal. They don't kill animals.

I know more than a couple young people in US cities, struggling to pay their rent who have started gofundme pages or gone into debt to pay for their 3rd cat's kidney surgery. My nextdoor neighbor paid for 2 cancer surgeries for her 13 year old dog. He had chemo to the point where they installed a port.

Respect for animal life takes many forms. Let's not go calling people we disagree with stupid.


JakobtheRich t1_j58gwq0 wrote

This judge is handing down life in prison for transporting a cow with the intent to kill it. Mutilating or killing an animal in the US generally carry’s a charge of like a year in prison.

Attempted murder of another human being has a charge of up to ten years under Indian law, so arguably this is a charge more severe than if there had been humans being transported.


Alaishana t1_j58j2gu wrote

>Let's not go calling people we disagree with stupid.

That's very hard in your case.

You have just defended a LIFE SENTENCE for cow smuggling.