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NovaHorizon t1_j56msiq wrote

>Officers apparently saw nothing suspicious at first in the fact that the men were diving near critical infrastructure at night with no permit and atypical amber-hunting equipment, and the local police did not pursue the matter, releasing the men without further questioning.

Truly deserving to be posted here.


Crooked_Cock t1_j5q01ln wrote

If it didn’t specify this was in Poland I would’ve assumed it was somewhere in the US because HOLY FUCK that’s incompetent


octoreadit t1_j5692gb wrote

"We are Spaniards, comrade. My name is Vladimiro."


MindfuckMike t1_j56p0dc wrote

They truly represent what the entire Polska Policja is capable of.


EchoEchoEchoChamber t1_j57ztwo wrote

Got caught and phone call was made to let them go? Seems like a simple and plausible explanation.


yerBoyShoe t1_j58mwp1 wrote

"Emergency. Everybody to get from water."


cRaZyDaVe23 t1_j5dit73 wrote

Was there shimmering blue light and a humm?


Ancient-Panic8510 t1_j59itl7 wrote

Polish them so easily..... maybe they are from Polish ot Ukranian intelligence. Russia was accusing Polish/Ukrainian/British for the nortstream blasts, so maybe they have a point.


8trackworm t1_j59wbik wrote

Yes. Fully expect these to be Ukrainian mercs looking to escalate in a plausibly deniable way to encourage the Germans to send them heavy tanks.