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MouseRat_AD t1_j56j6hj wrote

Who's 'taking one for the team' this time?


shakycam3 OP t1_j56jjw3 wrote

One of the main things I remember from those documentaries is the guy willing to suck dick so they could be supplied with water.


Optimistic__Elephant t1_j58omyb wrote

Yea…. Gotta give that guy respect for admitting that. Most people would probably bury that detail, especially in front of a documentary crew!


Bloke_Named_Bob t1_j595dc3 wrote

It wasn't so much he was willing to. It was that the rest of the group told him he had to.


Grose040791 t1_j5assjd wrote

what? haha I guess I should watch the doc. I didn't realize it was that bad


shakycam3 OP t1_j5borvu wrote

I think the Hulu one was better. They were both great though.


wormrake t1_j57xs2r wrote

Ok. Now hear me out...

If this becomes Fyre Fest X 10, then all of biggest "influencers" will flock to a remote island.

Once there, we can blockade the island and cut off all internet connection to the outside world.

BUT, we can let them post content for each other and fight to the death for attention.

Then the world can begin to heal.


zenviking83 t1_j58msky wrote

Nah, once the island is cut off we release the velociraptors. It’s the only logical choice.


escape_of_da_keets t1_j59a7j1 wrote

Make their social media accounts interact with an alternate version of the app that still shows all the news but nothing about the island so it looks like the rest of the world has forgotten about them.

Also replace all their followers with bots that engage with all their usual posts like normal, but question when they call for help and call it fake.

Then make the bots slowly turn on them and decrease their follower count every day until they fade into irrelevance.

That will really make them go insane.


bob0979 t1_j59vvpm wrote

Not only Truman showing them, but then telling them the Truman show is also the lowest rated show on TV and nobody cares. Damn that's fucked up.


Scarborough_sg t1_j59ei43 wrote

It's kinda funny cos i remembered Fyre festival ended up attracting mostly just basic, at most mid-tier influencers.

The biggest influencers were just paid to promote it.


1CocteauTwin t1_j59olxh wrote

Like a Battle Royal for useless gits.

Televise it.

I'm in.


Darkwaxellence t1_j59uuc5 wrote

This is the movie that the world needs right now. Please ask chat gpt to write it for us!


shakycam3 OP t1_j56jg67 wrote

Please let this influencers fall for it again. Pleeeease.


Combat_Medic t1_j56mz1w wrote

As I recall it wasn’t influencers though. The tickets were relatively cheap for what they were offering, so wasn’t it mostly ‘normal’ people who went? (Going off of an Internet Historian video)


chaseinger t1_j56wgds wrote

it wasn't influencers, those were bought (mostly victoria secret models). it was the wannabe influencers and hedge fund kids.

tickets started at $1200, and you still had to travel there. not for the super rich, and quite cheap for what was promised, yet still not exactly every day joe's territory either.


blahbleh112233 t1_j578j5z wrote

I don't even think it was those. As far as we can tell, no one bought the VIP packages and the basic package was pretty much a steal for room, board, and entertainment on a tropical island. Ironically, McFarland fucked up by pricing below cost


PhAnToM444 t1_j57x837 wrote

I think you could do it all-in for less than $2500 which isn’t cheap but is very affordable for an island vacation in the Bahamas. Plenty of “regular” people could do that, especially for the kind of once in a lifetime experience they were promising.


Combat_Medic t1_j56xvfr wrote

Alright fair enough. The video made it sound like they were affordable, but hey I wasn’t there.


Blazinvoid t1_j58i7ag wrote

The flight was paid for in the ticket as well, it was really all inclusive.


ImaginationOk1526 t1_j56tsre wrote

If anybody falls for it, they deserve whatever happens. It’s the stupidity tax


Combat_Medic t1_j56u0w5 wrote

I mean second time around, yes. But I’d like to cut some of the people who did it the first time some slack.


HouseCravenRaw t1_j56xdde wrote

Y'know what they say about Fyre. Once burned...


shakycam3 OP t1_j571suw wrote

Some of them got burned twice. While he was on house arrest he scammed some of them for VIP concert tickets that didn’t exist.


CristabelYYC t1_j5963x2 wrote

And Met Gala tickets, too? That are invitation-only?


brownsfan760 t1_j56l7u1 wrote

Anybody who gives a penny to this grifter deserves everything they have coming.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_j586234 wrote

I guarantee it'll be full of the same people on YouTube who go "I did X so you don't have to!" click chasers.


one_of_the_millions t1_j57lex2 wrote

Apparently McFarland still thinks that people will fall for something if it's spelled with a "Y" instead of an "I". Sadly he might be correct.


Rosebunse t1_j57y91p wrote

It's easy to joke about that festival, but real small businesses were wrecked because they weren't paid. And people could have gotten hurt or sick.


tchotchony t1_j57cm18 wrote

Should've called it Yce.


custard_doughnuts t1_j56w4fv wrote

Oh I look forward to the Internet Historian video on that!


theonlyonethatknocks t1_j5918z3 wrote

I’m going to get this music festival to work, even if it costs you everything you own.


shakycam3 OP t1_j591e2t wrote

Many of you may die, but that’s the chance I am willing to take.


BarAgent t1_j57nuu9 wrote

Was the Fyre Festival fraud or just gross incompetence? I don’t remember.


Optimistic__Elephant t1_j58p0x7 wrote

Didn’t start off as fraud. But when incompetence doomed the festival they refused to be honest before it was too late and cancel/refund. So then it became fraud. Also I think he lied to investors a lot.


picklesallday t1_j59w3x8 wrote

You’re forgetting the part where he made fake documents to con investors into giving more money.


calartnick t1_j5akumv wrote

Dude day before his team was like “we don’t have anything we promsied,” and he paused and said “what if we pulled it off anyway?” And they were like wooah, we’d be legends!


L48R4T t1_j579jpg wrote

He should have gone for a horror escape island instead. He's pretty great at that.


Nostrildumbass9 t1_j57b1xh wrote

A party that's never gonna happen featuring internet influencer's. Should be a real hit.


VillageRich3020 t1_j57ge5h wrote

Imaging getting scammed by this dude twice in a row. I keeping thinking about Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football for probably no reason.


MrJohnnyDangerously t1_j58g98z wrote

His best work was that douche-flag metal credit card club.


ctrl_alt_excrete t1_j58w3ya wrote

He's calling it PYRT (pronounced pirate) this a joke? Dumb spelling aside, he's naming it after people who famously steal money and are stereotyped to leave victims stranded on desert islands...this has to be an ironic bit, right?


Add1kt t1_j5aihye wrote

Its all the fun with none of the rape and murder! Well maybe the is a festival.


big_juice01 t1_j581z9v wrote

Oh he’s out of prison, great


willpowerpt t1_j57qxvg wrote

Anyone who decides to blow obscene money unironically this time around absolutely deserves whatever befalls them.


shakycam3 OP t1_j57s0ws wrote

It was all rich kids and trust fund brats, from what I remember. And it’s still one of the funniest things that ever happened.


thatoneguy23000 t1_j58mrer wrote

Actually, there's no proof anybody paid for the highest tier ticket for Fyre Festival, what we do know is they were giving out tickets at a massive discount, think $1,200 covering a full week vacation in a private villa with 5 star food and concerts from your favorite bands. That's ducking dirt cheap for what they were advertising, and a lot of blue collar people thought they were basically winning the lottery.


fun-parasite t1_j5bv5p6 wrote

My friend bought those tickets for her 17 year old daughter and their friends, I remember talking to them about it at dinner 6 months before the whole… Thing went down


sparkjh t1_j5afcdp wrote

It's funny except from the perspective of the people on the island who were exploited for this rich white asshole's grift.


nezrm t1_j5954gu wrote

‘You can crawl in a hole and die, or you can go and try to do something and just like not promise any results,’’’ McFarland said in a recent interview with NBC News.”

So he’s going to tell everyone its going to be shit before they buy the tickets. Genius.


formerNPC t1_j57ox8p wrote

As long as Ticketmaster gets involved then it will be an official shit show!


TheDeadlySquid t1_j59z9un wrote

Well, at least he’s being upfront by calling it “Pirate”.


WizardRockets t1_j57fyt1 wrote

Is it on the glass onion island that’s for sale for $450million?


FullyStacked92 t1_j57v7n5 wrote

"It was basically, the promises that got him last time"

Lol yeah if thats what you want to call advertising and selling rooms in Villas that didn't exist then sure thats what got him.

He should fire ahead though, anyone who buys anything from him ever again deserves to be parted with their money


sau1itud3 t1_j59yj3w wrote

If he just hires that George Santos dude in promotions, and then just pretend like the Fyre Festival happened and was amaze balls. People seem to line up for that sort of shit nowadays.👍🏼


lendmeyoureer t1_j5aqpd2 wrote

Yer man couldn't even organize a kids birthday party. 🤣


MJLDat t1_j5b2lmz wrote

I’ll supply the water!


Supermichael777 t1_j57wvrm wrote

doesnt this break the terms of his diqualification?


shakycam3 OP t1_j583xwh wrote

Yeah. He won’t answer. He has slipped back into obscurity.


pimp_juice2272 t1_j585vhd wrote

Couldn't this have been salvaged to a decent/slightly below average festival of he had just went with the cruise ship? Or was all the money gone by then?


kur4nes t1_j59xddl wrote

The guy who called the first fyre island escabor island after being tols by the owner to not call it that is now planning a festival in the bahamas where he is banned for life. Figures.

Not the smartest tool in the shed.


UsernameTaken93456 t1_j5a5kqu wrote

Fantastic. Everyone who wants to become a #influencer should go to this island.


lilacpulse t1_j5a6wsu wrote

But what does Ja think?


obidie t1_j5aegy9 wrote

"or you can go and try to do something and just like not promise any results,’’’

Yeah, that's how you inspire investor confidence.


TheloniusDump t1_j5afdsm wrote

"you can go and try to do something and just like not promise any results,’’

Dude is capitalism embodied.


PNWCoug42 t1_j5afytz wrote

Can't wait for the ensuing PYRT documentary.


shakycam3 OP t1_j5boalv wrote

Me too. I loved those Fyre ones. Both of them.


czguris t1_j5b06s4 wrote

"Not promise any results" does make it a bit more practical, though. You are buying non-refundable tickets to a concert featuring Blink182 on a gorgeous island once owned by Pablo Escobar, where models frolicked nearby (or something.. swimming pigs..) but there is no promise -implied or stated - that the concert will take place, or the Blink 182 will show, or that it's Escobar's island (or any island).

Really, Billy just needs orange tiles on twitter, a payment processor, a (foreign) bank account, and a website.

BOLD, #FyreV2IsHere


techsconvict t1_j5bbdzn wrote

"I'm an ideas man, I think I proved that with [bleep] Mountain."