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blahbleh112233 t1_j57f2an wrote

I like how they took the time to note that the n word is a contemptuous word. But apparently every other word is a perfectly normal thing to say


dogeheroic t1_j5dg2zh wrote

Right, normally they get promoted for that in Killeen


perrilloux t1_j570ilj wrote

Ok. Simple question, why?


SpinningHead t1_j57i01f wrote

She probably though Abbott would make her head of the Texas education department.


SelectiveSanity t1_j57b4wr wrote

Southern conservative stronghold state with a glorified history(see catastrophic loss) against non whites.

Need I say more?


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SelectiveSanity t1_j57icpj wrote

Examples of Northern and Californian racism?


Edit, do you know if the teacher was white or not? Also, I was born in Texas.


DeaDGoDXIV t1_j57q710 wrote

I read the article, which they're telling everyone else to (because they didn't read it, likely). It never identified the teacher as anything but a teacher, no name, no reference to race. The only reference to race in the article is about the makeup of the student body, which the article says is majority black and Hispanic.


sprint6864 t1_j59vvx9 wrote

I mean, the LAPD are notoriously racist AF and there's been an uptick in hate crimes against Asian Americans throughout California


AqUaNtUmEpIc t1_j5atfaf wrote

Oregon is a trip. Only place I’ve been referred to as, “the Mexican”.

In California it’s typically lawn mowing jokes.


Socalrider82 t1_j597wfr wrote

Bro, I’m a minority and have dealt with some pretty racial shit here. I could give plenty of examples, but I don’t want to kill my high.


Longjumping-Regret34 t1_j57stmb wrote

Anecdotal evidence from a military gun guy in Texas lol


AqUaNtUmEpIc t1_j5au9m4 wrote

Anecdotes are about as good as you can hope for when asking people about their experiences with racism.

I’m Mexican and was called a “white homophobic male on a power trip” for enforcing covid protocols.

A lesbian, called a Mexican, a white homophobic male, because she didn’t like rules.

Mentioned in another comment that Oregon has casual racists. Was called, “The Mexican” when I lived their


Aleyla t1_j573ah0 wrote

I get the feeling this teacher really didn’t want to just turn in a two week notice.


MadMunky5B5 t1_j570bfg wrote

It's rural Texas so I'm honestly a little surprised this was an issue.


NetDork t1_j574kh3 wrote

Killeen is a small town, but I don't think of it as rural. It's the "gateway town" to a major military base.


MadMunky5B5 t1_j575olt wrote

Name a major (US) military base that isn't in a rural area.

It's too expensive to put bases in urban or even suburban areas.


NetDork t1_j575tjx wrote

Fort Sam Houston, smack in the middle of San Antonio, TX.


MadMunky5B5 t1_j57613o wrote

I stand corrected, I stand by Kileen being rural though.


texanfan20 t1_j588fcf wrote

Killeen isn’t “rural”. Livingston Texas is rural. Killeen is the 19th largest city in Texas. It’s about the same size as Pasadena and larger than Midland.


MadMunky5B5 t1_j58ju77 wrote

Dallas has 7 suburbs that are larger than Killeen.


texanfan20 t1_j5c8dhh wrote

I said 19th largest didn’t I. Do you consider those Dallas suburbs “rural”?


Stravven t1_j59jxcx wrote

But I'd say that Pasadena is just a part of Los Angeles, just like Versailles is a part of Paris or Newark is part of New York City.


NetDork t1_j576x51 wrote

I have to admit to cheating a little. When Fort Sam was built it was on the outskirts of SA. A building on base where I used to work was originally a barracks built for the troops heading to the Spanish-American war.


beihei87 t1_j5834eh wrote

Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, Luke AFB in Glendale AZ, Los Angeles Air Force Base in Los Angeles……


bbatwork t1_j57gxav wrote

Many naval bases are in or near large cities such as San Diego, CA or Bangor, WA


5DsOfDodgeball t1_j59h3pn wrote

There a several major military bases in San Diego, CA that are not in rural areas. Nearly all of these are in the heart of the city.

Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

Naval Base Coronado.

Naval Base Point Loma.

Naval Base San Diego.

US Coast Guard Station San Diego.


talon_fb t1_j5b275l wrote

Well according to this site

>rural areas consist of open countryside with population densities less than 500 people per square mile and places with fewer than 2,500 people

And according to World Population Review, Killeen has 2,945 people per squared mile, with a population of 150,000 (Wikipedia)

And it’s not even that far from Austin


TheGreatShmoo t1_j57ktd6 wrote

Mildly funny thing from this is that in the color by word “stupid” is both blue and orange.


MultiMat t1_j57z0hw wrote

Not only is it completely inappropriate, but one of the sheets also mixes up 'to' and 'too'.

Like another commenter said, it's so bad you have to wonder if it was intentional.


Theofus t1_j57e5tl wrote

No lesson plan review in this district. I'm more mad about the layout of that worksheet than I am the slurs! What if all of their worksheets look like that? Here...let me give you these dumb ass answers!


BirdsbirdsBURDS t1_j59rfvc wrote

I was thinking, “you know; maybe this one an extreme approach to teaching about maginalism of groups by teaching words like “gypped” that we don’t know are slurs” But nope. Just contextless, nonsense where there is no real discernible goal besides teaching kids some new words they might not have already known.


Negatrev t1_j589r6d wrote

This is why you should first check what was output by ChatGPT 🙄


ap0lly0n t1_j57f64q wrote

What is red??


DeaDGoDXIV t1_j57p819 wrote

Some see it as a slur towards indigenous peoples, that is, if it's an abbreviation of "redskin"


ap0lly0n t1_j59ad85 wrote

Ah ok, thanks. I couldn't figure it out.


LucyRiversinker t1_j58m2k3 wrote

So the source is Starfall, that appears to be a legit website, at first glance. How did this happen??


Zuzublue t1_j5al7nu wrote

You can create your own worksheets from a template they provide.


Bryanh100 t1_j5daiiu wrote

I looked at the test. It’s kinda easy.


isthisthingon921 t1_j5dl578 wrote

How has her name not gotten out … she should never be allowed in a classroom or around kids again


Weazerdogg t1_j5en1c7 wrote

Not only that, the teacher didnt make it up. Who the hell published such garbage???


c00a5b70 t1_j5eu25z wrote

The teacher probably did sorta make it up. They probably picked the title and the vocabulary words and used the websites mentioned on the worksheets to generate the activities.


Crooked_Cock t1_j5q05eq wrote

I’m surprised they didn’t give her a raise


SexandCinnamonbuns t1_j58pjgj wrote

Still can’t use “you’re” properly!! Come on teach you ain’t teachin!!


PreferredSex_Yes t1_j5910oe wrote

Just one slur unless we're solely going to accept "crackheads".


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freemason777 t1_j576olb wrote

Y'all are out of control with the random bloodlust


OcculusSniffed t1_j57emeh wrote

That's targeted, not random.


freemason777 t1_j57om2s wrote

Random as in unpredictable and hair trigger


OcculusSniffed t1_j57tu6s wrote

So the N word is just dandy, and there's nothing that can be done about guns firing themselves. This paints quite the picture


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DeaDGoDXIV t1_j57pvej wrote

Teacher is never named, nor is their race referenced, you know how I know that? I read the article, ooooh. Now if I happened to miss it in the short two minute read the article took, please show me where it identified the teacher as anything but a teacher.