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realise2056 t1_j6ojxjb wrote

"USRL was liable for: $4,364 for four months’ severance for wrongful dismissal; $100,000 for battery; $25,000 for punitive damages against the supervisor personally; $10,000 for assault; $50,000 for human rights damages; $5,794 in unpaid wages; $75,000 for moral damages; and $25,000 in punitive damages. The supervisor was responsible for only $25,000 of this grand total of $295,158, but if the supervisor proves unable to pay that amount, it can be collected from the employer as well."

That guy should be in jail.

"Worst of all, the supervisor hit Osmani in the testicles in front of all his co-workers with all of his might, doing so much damage that he later had to have the testicle removed. Adding insult to this actual injury, when Osmani complained that he was having marital problems as a result, the supervisor advised: “I can help, bring by your wife.”"


regular6drunk7 t1_j6ov4co wrote

>Adding insult to this actual injury, when Osmani complained that he was having marital problems as a result, the supervisor advised: “I can help, bring by your wife.”"

The guy hit him hard enough to make him lose a testicle but it wasn't until he insulted his wife that he felt he had gone over the line?


Kastar_Troy t1_j6p0mdd wrote

Was just thinking that, why on earth did he go back to work?


MrMissus t1_j6pce5h wrote

According to the article his supervisor was threatening him with deportation. He could be undocumented or his citizenship status may be tied inextricably to his employment/employer somehow.


MayOrMayNotBePie t1_j6pfq3s wrote

Seriously. On top of all the harassment and threats, the supervisor damaged his testicles (in front of all the coworkers) so badly that one had to be removed and it’s just punitive damages??

Straight to jail.


Ok-Panic-3940 t1_j6o9nir wrote

Not enough. A million at least.


greensandgrains t1_j6om2wx wrote

If you can’t buy a house with it, it’s not enough. A million, at least.


V1keo t1_j6p07hw wrote

Especially considering 1/3 of that is likely going to the lawyer.


pantyraid11 t1_j6pinqp wrote

Dude still not enough like wtf these are my jewels!


Bawbawian t1_j6ocsin wrote

people throw around these sums of money like they're large.

might be surprised if you could find anybody that would give up body parts for the prices that they get paid in court.

you see people getting a million dollars for losing an arm or a hand. fuck a million dollars is not even close to the worth of an arm or hand.


Asatas t1_j6p2px4 wrote

300k for 1 ball? I'm in. But just barely.


dstwtestrsye t1_j6pbbfn wrote

That's $295K, minus lawyer fees, for someone to hit you in the balls so hard that you have to have one removed, not just signing a check, getting anesthetized, and waking up like Lance Armstrong.


twoaspensimages t1_j6pdwsg wrote

I'm middle aged and make ok money. There are a lot of jobs I can do. But all of them require two hands. Add another zero.


pokepat460 t1_j6oxvyx wrote

I'd sell my arm for a million for sure. That's about a third of what you need to retire. Saves me decades of slaving away at a job.


Muroid t1_j6ojls0 wrote

Endowment effect: People overestimate the value of things they already own.

You say an arm or a hand isn’t worth a million dollars, but let me ask you this: if you had a million dollars and someone offered you a severed arm for a million dollars, would you take it? No? Then clearly a million dollars is worth more than an arm.


Great_New_York_Bewbs t1_j6ombub wrote

Read that back to yourself and figure out how this might be the dumbest statement today on all of Reddit.


_UltimatrixmaN_ t1_j6ou5i4 wrote

It's the difference between someone selling you an arm for a million dollars or asking if you'd chop off your own arm for a million dollars. The value judgement changes dramatically.


greensandgrains t1_j6oma7g wrote

Really weird that you’re calling a limb a thing like it’s an object. It’s a g-d body part! Flesh and blood!


override367 t1_j6ovqw7 wrote

I assume Canada is like the USA where your economic superiors are above you in the legal hierarchy and that's why 1. the damages were so low against the supervisor, and 2. the supervisor isn't facing criminal charges


MikeBike150 t1_j6p49v6 wrote

Seems a bit low.


Dmoe33 t1_j6pgp4q wrote

PLEASE tell me this guy gets a criminal record. Not only should this sack of shit be behind bars but EVERYONE should know what he did so he can't EVER be employed ever again.

This pos should be no where near people.


NGG_Dread t1_j6oq678 wrote

That's not nearly enough money.... That doesn't even get you a shitty condo in ontario..


New_Stats t1_j6odiwr wrote

Man lost a ball, that's worth at least half a million if not more


teejmonster t1_j6ozt89 wrote

That award is how you know this isn’t the US.


Marty_cone_ t1_j6onkow wrote

Know what’s better than having 295 grand? Having working balls, or at least one ball


Orcabandana t1_j6pcqpm wrote

So that's what testicles are worth nowadays. Denji really was shortchanged.


Warsplit01 t1_j6ocaog wrote

ok, who's gonna hit me in the balls for 300k?


commandrix t1_j6ov0i2 wrote

Less attorney fees, I'm sure, but better than nothing. I hope this guy filed a workers' comp claim to cover medical bills, too, since it happened on the job.


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BobRoberts01 t1_j6p930k wrote

They couldn’t just round that number up to $300K?


ShazadM t1_j6pca2m wrote

What happens if the defendant can’t come up with that sum of money?


RecoveringRagaholic t1_j6pj5l5 wrote

>when Osmani complained that he was having marital problems as a result, the supervisor advised: “I can help, bring by your wife.”

Man, that's like a Reddit reply when you're anonymous, not something you say at work


Khemith t1_j6piwsr wrote

You get 20 years for rape, but you can literally kick a man and get no jail time ?


Chrisboi_da_Boi t1_j6oi4hp wrote

As in the supervisor hit him or put a hit out for his nut?