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Vinca1is t1_j583685 wrote

How is this oniony? She's an idiot, this is expected


AmVpooperNow t1_j5ckkqw wrote

It’s well known Republicans foam at Planned Parenthood getting funding.


HarryHacker42 t1_j5dqb9d wrote

They provide legal medical services and get the same pay for them others get. It would be illegal to discriminate.


squidvalley t1_j5h5v09 wrote

Oh yeah laws will stop them


HarryHacker42 t1_j5hg2mh wrote

They have in the past. But with the past, we had a Supreme Court that followed laws and didn't just make up garbage to justify the shameworthy positions they force upon us.


Safety_Drance t1_j5885hq wrote

Oh, the lady who barely won by a few hundred votes after a recount in her overwhelmingly conservative county.

I have to drive through that area for work every so often, and her campaign posters were just a picture of her with the word "freedom" under her picture.

That's it. No actual slogan or thought process, just the word "freedom." I always translated that to "freedumb" in my head whenever I saw them.


tauntingbob t1_j5b4ss7 wrote

The failed actress who was paid to be a Rep shill, then they realised she could go on to bigger things, so coached/bankrolled her political career.

She's literally a fiction of the Rep party.


willymack989 t1_j5xwgkt wrote

Lol I drove to Grand Junction for a camping trip last summer and the sheer number of her dumbass signs was hilarious. And yes the absurdly simple “FREEDOM” message was comical. There was very clearly no meaning at all within. The jokes write themselves sometimes


maialucetius t1_j5bt8h6 wrote

Hey remember the time she tried to kill her coworkers?



jamkoch t1_j5agjgc wrote

In 2005, Planned Parenthood was contracted to do approx 60% of the federally funded HIV counseling and testing in Texas, targeting gay men. The reason, the LGBTQ community in Texas trusts Planned Parenthood more than any state or local county government office. Now, these tests are being contracted elsewhere due to the ban on funding Planned Parenthood. The state doesn't understand why nobody wants to test at local health departments. This ban affects so much more than women's health, and that is one of the primary reasons it's being targeted.


willymack989 t1_j5xwaxa wrote

The GOP so often makes out planned parenthood to strictly abortion clinics. They’re seemingly ignoring the NUMEROUS health benefits that are provided. Fucking numbnuts


TheKrakIan t1_j584yb0 wrote

I'll take Bills that Bobo Endorses that Never Go Anywhere for $200 Alex.


thinthehoople t1_j5bj6hl wrote

Of fucking course she does. Guarantee she’s had an abortion or two, to boot.

GQP - rules for thee, none for me.


InternetPeon t1_j582h14 wrote

She is an angel sent from heaven to prevent responsible birth control.


DMoney159 t1_j585drd wrote

And a new community health center opens up, "Prepared Familyhood"


dannoGB68 t1_j59o182 wrote

These fuckers. Anti-birth control, but also anti-taking care of little kids born because of no birth control. … and no need to reconcile that bullshit.


RustyMurican t1_j5cs6rm wrote

The military needs soldiers, and if they can't take them the prisons need inmates.


Reddittsucksballs t1_j5ca2nt wrote

I think a bill defunding stupid congresspersons should be past. If you cant pass a basic intelligence survey, you have to go back home and sell expired food at you license revoked restaurant.


freedom_from_factism t1_j5ci6mi wrote

>I think a bill defunding stupid congresspersons should be past. If you cant pass a basic intelligence survey, you have to go back home and sell expired food at you license revoked restaurant.

should be passed

can't pass

your license-revoked restaurant



RTwhyNot t1_j58eyo0 wrote

What a horrible person


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_j58agwt wrote

It's common knowledge the pro-life don't like planned parenthood. About as surprising as a liberal wanting to defund the police.


Dismal_Argument_4281 t1_j5bjdc7 wrote

Lauren Boebert? As in the escort, Lauren Boebert, who married a sex offender?? Thought she'd want the free contraceptives, advice and counseling provided by planned parenthood.


BirdsbirdsBURDS t1_j59rx1j wrote

She can just go ahead and toss it in the bin at the end of they day, since that’s where it’s going to land with a split government.

Aside from that, it’s where that bullshit belongs anyway.


MrKahnberg t1_j5bpmhl wrote

The woman wants to be in the news everyday. That's it.


dahComrad t1_j5e93rd wrote

Sorry this isn't oniony. These things are expected now.


PsychologicalSpace50 t1_j5o3y67 wrote

I bet some years from now she is found to of had many abortions, usually how these go with these whackjobs


No-Owl9201 t1_j5912wn wrote

So you couldn’t plan when to have a baby??


hibernativenaptosis t1_j588rvy wrote

Abortion is such a polarizing thing and so important to so many people that whoever feels they are on the losing side is more motivated by it politically. Right now, that's the pro-choice side.

Basically stuff like this turns out more Democrats than Republicans.


LoMeinCain t1_j58r7iz wrote

What’s the leading cause of death in the black community?


doginjoggers t1_j59aqgj wrote

Heart disease. Homicide comes in at 4th


LoMeinCain t1_j5a47uq wrote

Abortions #1


doginjoggers t1_j5aa1iz wrote

Even if abortions were counted in death statistics, it still wouldn't even come close to being the leading cause.


thinthehoople t1_j5bjg8k wrote

Guaranteed you don’t actually give a fuck about black folks.


LoMeinCain t1_j5bmxai wrote

I know our government doesn’t and you don’t know who I am and what I look like haha


thinthehoople t1_j5bx9c8 wrote

Nevertheless, nailed it in one.


LoMeinCain t1_j5dbfis wrote

Nailed what?