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nytefox42 t1_j59yhas wrote

Not that I have any love for the diamond mining "industry", but I somehow doubt this girl made an informed decision on this at 8 years old. The question is who her fortune went to and how much influence they had on her upbringing until this point.

...which the article probably covers if I had the time to read it. :p


myeff t1_j5a94i4 wrote

I read it because I was curious about the same thing. The article doesn't say. My guess is she has brothers/sisters that the money will go to, and this child was expendable. There was also this:

> Jain families are sometimes said to encourage their children to enter the monkhood to enhance their relatives' social standing.


OfLittleToNoValue t1_j5a4oav wrote

Right? who's the guardian that coached her into it that'll take care of all that icky money for her?


sittinginaboat t1_j5a4rlb wrote

Can an 8 y.o. make an informed decision? Isn't that why countries have age of majority laws?


Leynand t1_j5abhcf wrote

More like 8yr old girl forced into


Leyasse t1_j5aanyd wrote

That stinks of corruption and theft. No child should have their futures stolen like that.


XColdLogicX t1_j5c3c3c wrote

Just think of all the stolen futures from the children who worked in those mines actually, ya kno, mining and such.


ddt70 t1_j5e6zca wrote

I like the way you put it.

“ya kno, mining and such”

Username checks out. 🤣


GenericPCUser t1_j5a089a wrote

> Ms Sanghvi was known among members of Surat's Jain community for her piousness even as a young child, according to a witness to the ceremony, who spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity. > "Devanshi has never watched television, movies or gone to malls and restaurants," they said, adding that the girl had been a regular presence at temple ceremonies. > The child is one of the youngest people to have taken the "diksha" ceremony to abandon their material possessions and enter the Jain monkhood.

I hope for her sake it's not a permenant change. Granted, even as a nun, having a rich family likely means she'll have better access and opportunity than the other nuns.


Dirty_Quesadilla t1_j5awewb wrote

Indian diamond heiress, 8, ̶e̶n̶t̶e̶r̶s̶ FORCED INTO monkhood, l̶o̶s̶e̶s̶ ROBBED of fortune

There, fixed it for you.


Acceptable_Wall4085 t1_j5ae75u wrote

I wonder who came up with the idea to isolate her instead of outright offing her.follow the money and power for the answer to this query. I hope she keeps her health and doesn’t go near any Russian windows.


irishmadcat t1_j5aci1v wrote

A 13 years starved to death for a penace fast seems more important on the story


quick20minadventure t1_j5bz82j wrote

I'm gonna be explaining this if it's clearer.

Jain people do this non sense of monkhood for children because it's reputed, there's no money stealing angle.

The stinking part is that monkhood is permanent and celibacy would be part of it. Pre pubescent children don't know what the hell they're giving up, so it's not question of forced thing either.

It's just uninformed permanent decision that shouldn't have been taken.


AtLeastThisIsntImgur t1_j5da3sc wrote

There is absolutely a money angle, I doubt a rich as fuck family needs the prestige of monkhood to be respected.


quick20minadventure t1_j5dc5jx wrote

And who's manipulating the daughter if parents are the ones who holding her supposeded money anyway and also controlling her?

Monkhood stuff is religiously important, which is not same as money.


AtLeastThisIsntImgur t1_j5dcvgi wrote

She has siblings and other relatives, I think this is a way to force lines of sucession


quick20minadventure t1_j5dd4zh wrote

There are a lot of monkhoods from rich affluent families happening by a lot of highly educated and sometime often young children.

Unless you have evidence that this is a money angle, it's just a random assumption on your part without knowing whole context or any evidence..


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Jman50k t1_j5aj3zs wrote

I was gonna be like “she can’t decide she’s 8!”

… But then I thought “what if they’d done the same to our fancy emerald lad?” And now I am 100% for it. Future Indian Twitter is safe!


jamesb_33 t1_j5dwtah wrote

Someone playing Crusader Kings in real life.


Excusemytootie t1_j5dy4j4 wrote

Seems like a lot for an 8 year old to take on, but what do I know?


posaune123 t1_j5bwjq8 wrote

I forget, is it 2023 or 1023?


icky_boo t1_j5aokw3 wrote

She didn't loose a thing, the family still has the business. You people need to actually read and comprehend things better. She was probably never even meant to have any of the money if they've been grooming her for monkhood all this time.

"Jain families are sometimes said to encourage their children to enter the monkhood to enhance their relatives' social standing."


cscf0360 t1_j5ay3pv wrote

Do you not see how ethically compromised the situation is? The family was motivated to get her into the monkhood so she wouldn't inherit the wealth. She's too young to know better and has had her life stolen from her. Children cannot make decisions like that.


ubapook2 t1_j5b5tmm wrote

“You people need to actually read and comprehend things better” is making a very bold claim that you are inarguably correct. A lot of assumptions being put forward as fact here