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nytefox42 t1_j59yhas wrote

Not that I have any love for the diamond mining "industry", but I somehow doubt this girl made an informed decision on this at 8 years old. The question is who her fortune went to and how much influence they had on her upbringing until this point.

...which the article probably covers if I had the time to read it. :p


myeff t1_j5a94i4 wrote

I read it because I was curious about the same thing. The article doesn't say. My guess is she has brothers/sisters that the money will go to, and this child was expendable. There was also this:

> Jain families are sometimes said to encourage their children to enter the monkhood to enhance their relatives' social standing.


OfLittleToNoValue t1_j5a4oav wrote

Right? who's the guardian that coached her into it that'll take care of all that icky money for her?


sittinginaboat t1_j5a4rlb wrote

Can an 8 y.o. make an informed decision? Isn't that why countries have age of majority laws?