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icky_boo t1_j5aokw3 wrote

She didn't loose a thing, the family still has the business. You people need to actually read and comprehend things better. She was probably never even meant to have any of the money if they've been grooming her for monkhood all this time.

"Jain families are sometimes said to encourage their children to enter the monkhood to enhance their relatives' social standing."


cscf0360 t1_j5ay3pv wrote

Do you not see how ethically compromised the situation is? The family was motivated to get her into the monkhood so she wouldn't inherit the wealth. She's too young to know better and has had her life stolen from her. Children cannot make decisions like that.


ubapook2 t1_j5b5tmm wrote

“You people need to actually read and comprehend things better” is making a very bold claim that you are inarguably correct. A lot of assumptions being put forward as fact here