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quick20minadventure t1_j5bz82j wrote

I'm gonna be explaining this if it's clearer.

Jain people do this non sense of monkhood for children because it's reputed, there's no money stealing angle.

The stinking part is that monkhood is permanent and celibacy would be part of it. Pre pubescent children don't know what the hell they're giving up, so it's not question of forced thing either.

It's just uninformed permanent decision that shouldn't have been taken.


AtLeastThisIsntImgur t1_j5da3sc wrote

There is absolutely a money angle, I doubt a rich as fuck family needs the prestige of monkhood to be respected.


quick20minadventure t1_j5dc5jx wrote

And who's manipulating the daughter if parents are the ones who holding her supposeded money anyway and also controlling her?

Monkhood stuff is religiously important, which is not same as money.


AtLeastThisIsntImgur t1_j5dcvgi wrote

She has siblings and other relatives, I think this is a way to force lines of sucession


quick20minadventure t1_j5dd4zh wrote

There are a lot of monkhoods from rich affluent families happening by a lot of highly educated and sometime often young children.

Unless you have evidence that this is a money angle, it's just a random assumption on your part without knowing whole context or any evidence..