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meauho t1_j5ajj4g wrote

The danger of stereotypes.

I'm sure that very few people look at her and think:

  1. 63 years old,
  2. PhD in Chemical Engineering, &
  3. Executive VP of a multi-million dollar company

guynamedjames t1_j5ak7at wrote

Yes, but she's the VP of his company. I'd be curious if the relationship or title came first.


Boondala t1_j5ajvys wrote

To be fair, I wouldn’t think of those things if I saw you.


meauho t1_j5amqym wrote

That would be good because

  1. I'm 20+ years younger than that
  2. I'm an Economist
  3. I'm a consultant

abstractraj t1_j5bq6x7 wrote

That’s some good plastic surgery. I’m 51 with good genes and my face is not quite that smooth. The lady, not Buzz. Also, I only have a Computer Science degree. Im clearly jealous hah!


Yotsubato t1_j5cpk5z wrote

Money and knowing how to keep healthy also go very far in maintaining youth.