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kumquatrodeo t1_j64uhxn wrote

I’m more concerned that the priest went to hell instead of heaven.


Xtrepiphany t1_j64x73m wrote

I'm fairly certain that if hell existed, 90% of all clergy in history would end up there.


[deleted] t1_j65w3ah wrote

Don’t be a judgmental prick who diddles children. It’s pretty simple.


Xtrepiphany t1_j6624k1 wrote

Sadly that wasn't import enough to make it into the 10 commandments.


SpeZiaLiST132 t1_j6d6tq6 wrote

Have you read Dante's Divine Comedy? When traversing the layers of hell with his guide Virgil, he finds out that a LOT of popes are stacked on top of each other in a burning hole within hell. Every time a pope enters hell he is shoved into this hole upside down with only his feet remaining visible. When Dante approaches, the pope on top automatically assumed that Dante is a pope as well, who will burn with them.


itogisch t1_j64ybm9 wrote

I guess the lord has some opinions about touching kids.


wildfire393 t1_j65ydsw wrote

Clearly he listened to Rihanna enough to recognize it, straight to hell.


Toxenkill t1_j64unuy wrote

For real or

God: oh you're racist? I got something for you.


SelectiveSanity t1_j64wz4y wrote

The pastor happens to be black.

That being said, I'm not saying he can't be racist against black people.


a_lonely_trash_bag t1_j653fra wrote

He could also be racist against other races.

Anyone who says black people can't be racist is an idiot.


cowvin t1_j664t9y wrote

yeah, i've experienced plenty of racism from both white people and black people. i'm not white or black. lol


Sharo_77 t1_j68imvg wrote

The Rwandan Genocide sets a compelling precedent


Llenette1 t1_j68gwds wrote

Ooh, this is an interesting one. So I'm Black, and what non-Black people see as "internal racism," we refer to as "tokenism." This manifests itself in various ways, but usually in some form of colorism, cultural annihilation/rejection, or other ways to distance oneself from being "Black". It's interesting because these individuals usually align themselves (almost exclusively) with racist whites so that they may prove that THEY are different. That they should be seen differently because they reject any cultural Blackness, therefore, you should see them for who they are, not a preconceived notion of who they are based on stereotypes associated with ski tone..which should just be the basline for any group of people seeing as how no ethnic group is a monolith.

Racism does have a systemic component, though. Internalized racism only helps the individual participating in it (Clarence Thomas, Candace Ownes, etc). It does nothing to serve marginalized groups as a whole. Even if all Black or Latin or Asian people in America legitimately hated white people, that has no impact on say, their ability to get loan, get a job, or get a fair offer when listing their homes on the market. But when the ruling or majority has these opinions about races, those ripples are felt in almost every aspect of life, which is the cornerstone of institutionalized racism.

I say all that to say, yes Black people can absolutely be racist, but it's affects are localized and only harms their respective communities.

Also, this "pastor" is buggin and likely blaming Riri because he's into some nasty shit...which I'm hoping will be exposed VERY soon.

Good discussion!


Fake_William_Shatner t1_j65xa2v wrote

Priest; "that Umbrella song is a visitation from HELL!"

Me; "So you've never been forced to listen to boring 2 hour sermons yet?"


Nice_Buy_602 t1_j6670ba wrote

Pretty sure most members of organized religion will end up in hell if it's real


SpacemanBates t1_j66a0kp wrote

"my songs are used to torture people in hell" is the kind of street cred you just can't buy


zippyboy t1_j652bxx wrote

He probably talkin' about Jay-Z, Rihanna has a beautiful voice.


Nadodan t1_j66pw87 wrote

How long was he dead for or how many times has he listend to umbrella to know that was what they were singing, also can he prove it was for torture? Maybe they just were like slacking off


drstu3000 t1_j67ewp7 wrote

Rihanna's umbrella and Bobbi Mcfarrin's don't worry be happy played in Hell? Yes and what other songs did you hear on the radio in the hospital during your stay for the heart attack?


IxamxUnicron t1_j65dh7n wrote

Did the demons have rippling abs and fangs? I need to know for theological reasons.


Rey_Tigre t1_j65t1xe wrote

I mean, I’m not a fan of it either, but that’s a bit harsh.


ElDoo74 t1_j66bspr wrote

The headline is wrong. He's not a priest. He's a Protestant pastor who praches about "Biblical manhood."


retroracer33 t1_j65zuep wrote

Someone's subconscious is snitching on them...


Cwallace98 t1_j665aj0 wrote

Sounds like 2007 through 2012.


Hamish_Ben t1_j66kkmk wrote

Send me to hell, I love that song


puerto-recon t1_j671tto wrote

My hell plays Single Ladies on repeat.


InterestingCloud5748 t1_j6910lg wrote

Are we sure he wasn't the demon singing? The behaviors of some so-called priests is appalling. I feel quite confident they want to bring their darkness to Rihanna. She isn't in that light. Here's an idea, TAX these loudmouths. Religion no longer to get a pass here. TAX or Abolish!


Anon_user666 t1_j694j8t wrote

Ambulance driver: That's a crazy coincidence. I love Rihanna and that song. I even listen to it while transporting patients to the hospital occasionally. I guess life is crazy like that. (shrugs shoulders)


OnlyFlannyFlanFlans t1_j64xuwe wrote

Michigan is like if the dumbest yokels from Alabama had money.

Everything outside of Detroit is basically Atwood's Gilead.


thepriceofaslave t1_j64zscj wrote

Did he die and go to Guantanamo?


acatterz t1_j65dkxu wrote

Yes, but he only died for some time, so he came back after.


BillTowne t1_j65ukf6 wrote

He says, "I went to hell."

And it's the music they supposedly played that you find hard to believe?

That's like saying, "Republicans passed a bill to help working Americans, and, get this, they did it on a Thursday.


[deleted] t1_j65w0b0 wrote

I mean… I believe it.


CannedApples13 t1_j660412 wrote

That tracks. That music is annoying af.


Gibbonici t1_j663jok wrote

And I thought the devil had the best tunes,


Lazy_Cana t1_j677ozt wrote

I just imagined him going down to hell in an elevator, and the elevator music is Umbrella. Also the elevator ride ranges anywhere from 1h to eternity depending on what you did to get there


Michael074 t1_j684cjp wrote

in the devil likes your music is that an insult or a compliment?


Em858943 t1_j68dtbf wrote

Under my umber- ella ella ella aye aye aye


Jina111 t1_j68egbh wrote

she's an icon for this


Sharo_77 t1_j68i9sn wrote

I did feel that way when I first heard it


stonecats t1_j68m9o0 wrote

it's a great song, my guess all the between note
slides she employs to sing it is what upset him.


vr0202 t1_j6b0ecx wrote

Hey, in the short time you were there did you also check out that hell has liquor barrels with holes, and women without?