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FlockFlysAtMidnite t1_j5hv8dh wrote

Because if I told you I was the queen of England, you wouldn't believe me. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to lie over the internet. It's also possible that they entirely misinterpreted a story that did really happen.

Thus, asking for proof.


BMXTKD t1_j5hvsig wrote

No, I'm saying this because the contrary seems to be unbelievable. I serve alcohol for a living, and one of the things they drill into our head, is if you over serve someone, you are responsible for everything they do after they leave your venue.

I'm ServSafe certified, and my church is looking into getting me to become an instructor for servsafe,

Nice try though.


FlockFlysAtMidnite t1_j5hw6y5 wrote

Yes, you're responsible - to a reasonable degree. The story seems to imply that you are responsible for them without limit, even if they continue to become even more intoxicated elsewhere.