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Mitthrawnuruo t1_j5gz5d3 wrote


Askesis1017 t1_j5ijmn3 wrote

...disturbing the peace and public indecency, while at least one of them is cheating on their spouse.


baeb66 t1_j5gzrdn wrote

On property owned by the city. Which would get you fired by any employer anywhere.


Ma1eficent t1_j5hapx4 wrote

Lol, office jobs are full of people fucking and getting caught and getting off with a written warning.


dmk_aus t1_j5i7jzr wrote

Well and potentially arrested too.


Ape_001 t1_j5hqg3a wrote

If that was the case for civilians they would be arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest without violence, and obstruction.

That's assuming that upon being discovered by police they complied with all directions. If they didn't immediately comply they would be met with potentially lethal violence.

The police will not care if you are off duty and in a privately owned car.