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baeb66 t1_j5eucwk wrote

And once again behavior that would get you instantly fired from a Burger King earns these cops "modified duty".


droidtime t1_j5exkh6 wrote

Such a high standard of integrity


westdl t1_j5ezzgl wrote

Civilian: What ya doing there officers?

Officers: Just polishing the old pistol.


menlindorn t1_j5f0ten wrote

If you have a problem, and you call the cops - now you have two problems.

And also, evidently, an orgy.


RPDRNick t1_j5f376r wrote

ACAB - All Cops Are Banging


johnny2rotten t1_j5ffy0h wrote

That former officer from Tennessee infiltrated NYPD already?


RevelScum t1_j5fncn5 wrote

Except the police Except the police Except the police Except the police Except the police Unions for All Except the police Except the police Except the police Except the police Except the police


Express-Accountant75 t1_j5g74qi wrote

So can we take the funds from defunding police to get these wackos a hotel or something? they clearly have nothing occupying themselves these days.


Caledric t1_j5gb7hn wrote

As someone who was in Law enforcement for over 10 years... this is a very very very very common thing. You are less likely to find someone who hasn't cheated with another officer or inmate then you are to find one who has.


coolluck33 t1_j5gbwnv wrote

The good news is that at least it was a girl & a guy, & hopefully consensual...


goblazers1991 t1_j5gdq8k wrote

What's up with cops fucking on shift all the time now ???


Ape_001 t1_j5hqg3a wrote

If that was the case for civilians they would be arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest without violence, and obstruction.

That's assuming that upon being discovered by police they complied with all directions. If they didn't immediately comply they would be met with potentially lethal violence.

The police will not care if you are off duty and in a privately owned car.


19cva t1_j5j15fy wrote

Hard to be discrete with a screamer, just saying


tenuto40 t1_j5j390t wrote

Someone waived their right to remain silent.


DaFuqIzGwinzOn t1_j5j9icn wrote

Say car ramrod

Also: there was a time when we would take guys like this out back and beat them with a rubber hose but now you got your goddamn unions.


Crooked_Cock t1_j5pxvwk wrote

Im coming to her location

But I didnt tell you where I am

Oh, I wasnt referring to the screaming lady


sweetspookydoll t1_j6e3zw2 wrote

But if I do this, I risk getting arrested, charged with public indecency, and put on a sex offenders list. Fuck the police.