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stephanepare t1_j5gk9t7 wrote

I don't get it. What do pastries have to do with this? and what "Troubles" are they talking about? Some IRA stuff? Also, what;s "NI"?


ealing_ceiling t1_j5h8v27 wrote

NI stands for northern Ireland. This says "balaclavas" (the hats that burglars wear) rather than "baclava" (the pastry)


kevinds t1_j5ia4v6 wrote

>This says "balaclavas" (the hats that burglars wear)

A lot more people wear them because it is cold outside than because they are burglars..


GetlostMaps t1_j5go6zu wrote

You could have just opened the link. One glance at the heading and the first sentence would give you all you needed, even without the rest of the story.


Astranoth t1_j5gs3v1 wrote

You are aware that you are unable to read the article without a subscription, right?


Blood_Jesus t1_j5hglgv wrote

I clicked the link, fought off several pop ups and then I was only able to see the first sentence of the story.

I am an adult and I was unable to see.

Your snark game is fucking weeeeeak.