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Legal_Refuse t1_j5gsgh6 wrote

We started a go-fund me to get him another grenade for his keys.


zubaz69 t1_j5id7jz wrote

Probably have to get a new key ring too. He lost the other one. He can't quite put his finger on where they are.


AGDude t1_j5iewko wrote

I wonder what caused the grenade to suddenly explode.

Let's see what the article has to say about that:

>On January 12 at around 3 PM, he pulled the safety pin of the hand grenade and it exploded twice in his right hand.

That sounds about right. Though I do wonder what it means for it to explode twice. Maybe the article is counting the ignition as an "explosion?"


ebinWaitee t1_j5jktec wrote

Could've been a flash bang. Those often explode multiple times (unlike what you'd think when you've seen them in video games or movies)

Edit: also worth pointing out is that he only lost four fingers which leads me to believe it certainly wasn't a fragmentation grenade


generic_edgelord t1_j5jdxuj wrote

Maybe it malfunctioned? Like part of it had a delayed ignition of some kind, gun powder can go funky if its too old if i recall correctly


CaptainMobilis t1_j5jjbp5 wrote

I wonder if he had a habit of repeatedly pulling the pin out and putting it back in. Knowing exactly fuckall about how grenades work, I'm wondering if maybe that might have done something over time.


Potatoswatter t1_j5jjn13 wrote

Pulling the pin strikes a fuse. Putting it back doesn’t help.


falcontruth1 t1_j5jrtau wrote

Pulling the pin doesn't strike the fuse. The pin is the final safety locking a lever called the spoon down. As long as that lever is held down, the pin can be reinserted. The lever is under spring tension, and when it flies up, it strikes a primer that ignites the fuse.


TactlessTortoise t1_j5k0eyp wrote

Wrong. The pin holds the lever in place, as a safety. You pull the pin, and then when you let go of it, the lever itself has a mechanism that scrapes the fuse. Other designs have different mechanisms to time them, but not that one.


GetlostMaps t1_j5gpsh2 wrote

Sounds like maybe it was a dud or only partially made-safe. Maybe just a primary charge.


sambull t1_j5he6sx wrote

hate it when my key grenade prematurely detonates


jimi15 t1_j5iv14y wrote

And the darwin award goes to...


bstowers t1_j5jcdb5 wrote

You should see what happened to the pool boy.


therealsirlegend t1_j5itcj1 wrote

He was lucky he didn't have his keys in his pocket at the time. Fingers might not have been all he lost...


f_elon t1_j5i7ysd wrote

Next time will be the last time


Arcades_Samnoth t1_j5ksp8z wrote

And I thought I was hard core having a swiss army knife on my keys...


Mitthrawnuruo t1_j5h0syn wrote

This is the most American thing I have ever read.


RhinoG91 t1_j5h2g7r wrote

It happened in Zimbabwe


Khemul t1_j5h4f43 wrote

By astronomical scale, they're practically right next to each other.


Dmoe33 t1_j5i0lpp wrote

On an astronomical scale they are the same thing.