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MansfromDaVinci t1_j5j7676 wrote

a tiny percentage might sublime into the air if the air is dry but yeah, almost all of it will just melt into the water supply. And the bit that sublimes falls as rain too eventually, same way almost all the water taken by trees transpires into the air to form clouds and fall as rain, often locally. These people are at it.


antiquemule t1_j5j7bob wrote

So what's this "expert"'s agenda, in your opinion?


MansfromDaVinci t1_j5ja578 wrote

I don't know nearly enough to say: overstating the case for deforestation or thining and the emotional 'enemy' language might just be because it's a very unpopular move and they feel they need to combat that, but generally if someone lies it's for no-one's benefit but their own.