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schoolknurse t1_j5i1uyp wrote

The article makes sense. The headline is sensationalistic.


sfenders t1_j5i36vr wrote

> people would do well to remember that every plant, every inch of soil, has its own straw sucking up what it needs before any water reaches the streams or rivers — and human populations.

I mean you can judge for yourself whether or not it makes any sense, but it sure does have the "not the onion" feel to it.


giant2179 t1_j5icajd wrote

If only transpiration was a critical part of the water cycle


sfenders t1_j5i2g4d wrote

Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the forest.


Acceptable_Wall4085 t1_j5iazrs wrote

Getting rid of all those wind causing leaves will make for nicer weather too.


MansfromDaVinci t1_j5j17qq wrote

do they think the snow caught by branches just sublimes into the air or something?


antiquemule t1_j5j5col wrote

I noticed that it is "lost" too. Seems "unlikely".

I imagine it eventually melts and does the same thing as rain does: drips onto the ground. Right?


MansfromDaVinci t1_j5j7676 wrote

a tiny percentage might sublime into the air if the air is dry but yeah, almost all of it will just melt into the water supply. And the bit that sublimes falls as rain too eventually, same way almost all the water taken by trees transpires into the air to form clouds and fall as rain, often locally. These people are at it.


antiquemule t1_j5j7bob wrote

So what's this "expert"'s agenda, in your opinion?


MansfromDaVinci t1_j5ja578 wrote

I don't know nearly enough to say: overstating the case for deforestation or thining and the emotional 'enemy' language might just be because it's a very unpopular move and they feel they need to combat that, but generally if someone lies it's for no-one's benefit but their own.


MrArgento t1_j5j9fuc wrote

Corporate propaganda is becoming cruder and cruder...


bigby2010 t1_j5ibag3 wrote

Expert in dipshittery?


[deleted] t1_j5j6c9c wrote

Well I guess it’s time to reanimate Paul Bunyan’s corpse and declare war on those water guzzlin, leaf havin, good fer nuthin trees!


kutkun t1_j5iytw9 wrote

“Water production”


Msfracture t1_j5j3xbb wrote

" Expert" .. that word is now no longer valid.


JapanKaren t1_j5jtag4 wrote

Mother nature burns off dead forest in the dry season. Sounds to me like someone is politicizing a logging campaign for their cousin's logging company.


DrTonyTiger t1_j5lehq5 wrote

The coalition is composed of people who want to zip around Lake Powell (a reservoir) in their boats, and the snow is not melting down there fast enough for them.


Rosy2020Derek t1_j5lvlwm wrote

???? Trees give us oxygen, beauty, shade, wood, paper, spices, fruit, honey, syrup…