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bilateralrope t1_j5jddw7 wrote

Don't overlook the last line of the article:

>The Mad Butcher - Sir Peter Leitch, who is a Waiheke resident - says he has never heard of the incidents and has yet to be targeted himself.


Qwopie t1_j5jizs9 wrote

I once visited a farm and there was a bunch of piglets, some of them didn't have tails and the farmer said the only way to tell which piglet was biting off the tail of the others was to wait until only one piglet had a tail. Same vibe.


teplightyear t1_j5kkfts wrote

Once none of the piglets have any tails, is he even a problem anymore?


bonesnaps t1_j5rufns wrote

Once all the tails are gone and he's grown up, he'll then have a taste for new tail-sized piglets.


HHS2019 t1_j5nciwk wrote

Joke's on him, because I've learned to eat off my own tail...and I'm a pig.


LizJru t1_j5ltl6o wrote

What is this 'only way', more like 'only cost/time saving way' - cause I don't want to pay someone to sit and watch, to see which piglet is doing it?! Something about the wording he used... makes me have lots of questions...


Qwopie t1_j5nsd6b wrote

Pigtail priorities. You've got to set them right.


Solidsnakeerection t1_j5k49po wrote

But who wants to confront somebody called The Mad Butcher


[deleted] t1_j5ka6k7 wrote



sternlip t1_j5klj42 wrote

Is this....a Diablo 1 reference?


cvelde t1_j5lo57n wrote

Pretty sure I have that line of audio burned into my brain forever.


Rhalar t1_j5n0d05 wrote

> Sir Peter Leitch

I sure do, I didn't realize it until I read the line.


protostar71 t1_j5msmeu wrote

For reference Sir Peter Leitch founded a nationwide chain of butcher shops called "The Mad Butcher", with him as the radio ad voice acting out that character.

His knighthood is for "services to business and philanthropy".


iamsoupcansam t1_j5n8hpk wrote

Yeah that seems like exactly the backstory of a guy who puts sausages in mailbox for kicks


peensteen t1_j5n5xbw wrote

Sounds like the easiest game of Clue of all time.