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TheNormalAlternative t1_j9g8f5m wrote

Sorry for your hatred of assumptions, but us common folk only know what moderators choose to make known, directly or indirectly, including responses to modmail and post moderating choices.

I was told via modmail in summer of 2021 that the rule against photos, which were relaxed during the pandemic, would be tightened back up. That never happened. Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm on Reddit or Instagram.

Whether a news story makes it to the feed seems to depend on viewpoint more than subject matter. Posts about Alvin Bragg are not permitted, but posts about a stadium in Buffalo are.

In all due respect, my assumptions are not made in a vacuum. They are, IMO, reasonable inferences. If you want to correct a misunderstanding, by all means, but if I see a colorful bird quacking on a lake, I'm going to guess it's a duck.


EagleFly_5 t1_j9gbfj1 wrote

Just to make sure, the temporary relaxation of rule 3 during the pandemic was reinstated in August 2021, about a year and a half ago. Once upon a time r/NYCPics was founded as a subreddit for people to share photos on, and it’s working as intended. If not, there’s a litany of other subs to share photos: 5 individual borough subreddits (r/Manhattan, r/Brooklyn, r/Queens, r/StatenIsland, r/Bronx), individual neighborhood subreddits (r/LongIslandCity, r/Astoria, r/Harlem, etc), even r/NewYorkCity (which I also help moderate) on weekends! Same applies if people want a different choice on content to consume or share, so there’s always a choice if someone wants to go to another community, or just create a new subreddit - a lot more niche/specific interests to New York City has a subreddit by now, from asking questions, to hip hop, to food, to biking/Micromobility, making friends/hanging out/events/meeting w/ people, the list goes on.

I’ll keep my opinions to myself for the time being, but to be neutral, everyone could agree the subreddit rules could use some clarification for people to understand, and more moderators as we gradually grow into a larger community.


MajorFogTime t1_j9g9tjb wrote

I mean, you could have done your own research and look at the removed posts in that thread. You didn't. You could have asked what the situation was (before making assumptions, not after), you didn't.

You chose to spend zero time looking into it and made assumptions. Weird that you're painting me out to be the unreasonable one for being agrieved by your assumptions.

I'm done with this conversation. You can ask the other mods for further input if you want, I don't intend to waste any more of my time on this. Have a good one!