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StoryAndAHalf t1_j9jvbyj wrote

The true hero. People traveling are not involved and may not even be aware of it happening for many reasons, caught in the crossfire.


Freddy-Sez t1_j9k2y32 wrote

They’ll learn that a yellow cab is usually the cheaper option from LaGuardia anyway, especially on a Sunday when prices tend to surge


TheAJx t1_j9kwl69 wrote

The last few times I've flown into LGA the lines have been ridiculously long, so Uber/Lyft are definitely preferred. Even with the walk to the garage the traffic flow is just much faster.


StoryAndAHalf t1_j9kw6dp wrote

Lmao, did you ever take the yellow cab? I have. Had to explain to him where my neighborhood was and the guy didn’t use GPS. No phone, nothing built into the car. It’s nightmare. There’s a reason people refuse to take them, and I learned the hard way not even 4 years ago.

Besides, how are tourists who only going to be in NY once in a decade suppose to learn? That’s just a stupid take.


DFB- t1_j9l4s1k wrote

Yeah everytime I mention to take Uber lyft over yellow cabs this sub be like "it's cheaper to take a yellow cab" I'll gladly pay an extra 3-$4 if it means not dealing with cabs driver saying "their machine is down, meter is down, or refusing to drive outside manhattan"


pedootz t1_j9midts wrote

Lol yellow cabs in this city made the bed they’re sleeping in. The cars and drivers suck and we’re unapologetic about it until something came along to threaten them. I’m not a fan of Uber, but I’m not crying for these assholes either.


mrpeeng t1_j9kac4t wrote

I'm lost, do the drivers not get a cut if there is surge pricing?


Freddy-Sez t1_j9kak9s wrote

I’m talking about the travelers “caught in the crossfire”


OldKingRob t1_j9l785a wrote

Yes…that’s the point of a strike?

Workers: we want more money

Company: you aren’t that important

Workers: ok we won’t work to show you how important we are

Smoothbrains: you’re inconveniencing me! 😭


StoryAndAHalf t1_j9l8c6n wrote

Workers: we want more money Company: you aren’t important Workers: we’ll strike for a day and you lose millions! Company: a drop in a bucket in the billions we make Random people: fuck us, right? I mean, you could pick us up, charge cash, and not share it with Lyft/Uber or whatever. Workers: no, fuck you in particular just because you didn’t know we were striking.