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drpvn t1_j6swgr8 wrote

This is a fiscal nightmare. We have what looks like it will be at least a $1 billion recurring cost, with zero help from the feds and NY State’s proposal being to cover just 1/3 of that cost—with tax funds that are largely derived from NYC in the first place.


MrMagaHat t1_j6tedwf wrote

People give the border states and DeSantis crap for sending the migrants up north, but dammit if it isn’t getting the message across. Hard to deny a crisis exists when you’re stuck paying a billion big ones for it.

Not to get too political, but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried to discuss the gravity of mass illegal immigration with people, just to have them roll their eyes and drop some smug quip about how I’m “just afraid of people who look different from me” or some nonsense along those lines.

Some folks won’t listen until there’s a price tag attached.


drpvn t1_j6teu6u wrote

The city and state should also be suing Texas and its participating cities. It’s ridiculous that they aren’t.


throws_rocks_at_cars t1_j6uh5ky wrote

On what grounds? They’re not Texas citizens, and they’re not legally the responsibility of Texas. Even if they were Texas citizens, they’d still not be the legal burden of that state. Tell me on what grounds.


VodkaSliceofLife t1_j70lw9r wrote

Lol Texas is bussing the immigrants coming through due to extremely lax immigration laws to cities and states that voted for it.....and in NYC's case literally said IMMIGRANTS ARE WELCOME here.


iv2892 t1_j6xyn7w wrote

Yeah , this is a Texas problem not a NY problem , the city shouldn’t be dealing with this


drpvn t1_j6xyryz wrote

? I don’t follow.


iv2892 t1_j6y1j2m wrote

The ones footing the whole bill should be the federal government , and also Texas shouldn’t be allowed to bus migrants for political purposes . They should deal directly with the feds for the border issue. Busing them to liberal cities they hate should be illegal


drpvn t1_j6y1w5e wrote

Ah. I agree, this should be borne by the federal government. But it isn’t and NYC apparently has no leverage to demand that it is. Yet we nonetheless voluntarily assume a crippling financial burden.


iv2892 t1_j6y5u4r wrote

Which is so stupid because if the feds don’t supports the city financially nyc would go bankrupt and the federal government would have to step in and pay even more money in the first place . I think , either way . Biden needs to do something . Instead , these idiots are playing right into Gregg Abbots hands


[deleted] t1_j71tl8v wrote



iv2892 t1_j726hxl wrote

I know you are being sarcastic lol. Texas should have just consulted us first before sending people 😝


wefarrell t1_j6tvu31 wrote

This isn't mass illegal immigration though. These are asylum seekers who entered the country through ports of entry, presented their case to border patrol, and are waiting to have it heard by an immigration judge.


bittoxic00 t1_j6ugset wrote

The wait in Mexico policy really was onto something now that you think of it


movingtobay2019 t1_j6uxgwh wrote

And what the fuck do you think happens when their asylum case is denied, as is the case the vast majority of time? They just get up and leave?

NYC is seeing first hand why fiscal reality > feelings. Hopefully the bleeding hearts wake the fuck up but I am not holding my breath.


wefarrell t1_j6vc01p wrote

Well yeah, if they face death back home then they probably won't return and I don't blame them. Either way they didn't enter illegally, they're not here illegally and they've followed the legal asylum process.


koreamax t1_j6w332s wrote

It's kinda funny how much dehumanizing people do that are defending this, without even knowing. Assuming that all of them are from warzones and are only safe in the US.

There's a reason so many towns in Central America have so few men. They all come here to make money to send to their family. That's fine, but if the situation was really that dire, they wouldn't leave their children there.


nybx4life t1_j6xab0y wrote

Safer to risk one than the whole family I assume.


throws_rocks_at_cars t1_j6uh0e4 wrote

How is this not mass illegal immigration

They are immigrating into the country, illegally, in mass.


wefarrell t1_j6vb5rk wrote

They're not though. If that were the case they wouldn't be bussed to NYC, they'd be deported. There is a process for asylum seekers that's defined by law and they've followed it.


Longjumping_Vast_797 t1_j6wrmdy wrote

First safe country absolutely would be Costa Rica for anyone coming from South America. It's a fucking tourist destination. Noone can claim it isn't a safe haven. Literally any place beyond is truly an economic migrant, which isn't seeking asylum.


Yongle_Emperor t1_j735rzw wrote

Majority is masquerading as Asylum Seekers. They are for the most part economic migrants.


captainktainer t1_j6u1aeq wrote

Yeah, this is "Cuba and Venezuela are collapsing and there's a mass wave of human suffering moving through the Americas," not the "illegals" boogeyman. Most of that happens with visa overstays - a phenomenon which NYC has always been an epicenter of - and not border hoppers.

Like, people think the Cuban refugee crisis was bad when Elian Gonzalez was on everyone's mind - this year is by far the worst emigration crisis since the Cuban Revolution.


CarlCarbonite t1_j6tf8an wrote

Part of the reason the Roman Empire sank was due to mass migration. It’s a problem that has no good solution. The issue majorly is that these people are not very employable, so they are at the mercy of what the state gives them. Each migrant right now costs more per month than the average income earned per New Yorker. It’s absolutely unsustainable. I’m all for helping people when I can, I get it, it’s a crisis. This can however bring NY and maybe the US to its knees. Even with affordable housing, NYC is one of the most expensive places to live in the world. So even if we gave every migrant a home, they would still require classes to learn the language, learn a trade or find a way to get a job. The issues can pile up through the ceiling. Sad truth of it all.


Henry1502inc t1_j6x7ws9 wrote

My understanding of one of many reasons it fell was because they had been outsourcing their military and eventually got weak on that from. They also suffered from a weak ruler. Immigration didn’t even make the top list


CyanCazador t1_j6un9cl wrote

The Roman Empire didn’t sink due to mass migration. That’s just an alt-right dog whistle. The empire fell because the city of Rome became less and less relevant as time went on. The Roman Empire became the Byzantine Empire which was still just as powerful and influential at that time.


milkdudsinmyanus t1_j6v6hi6 wrote

The Roman Empire fell for many reasons not just one. Mass immigration was a big reason. Try reading a book once in a while.


CyanCazador t1_j6vfaw8 wrote

I mean sure if you consider the abuse of the Visigoth tribes by Western Roman officials such starving them and selling them into slavery which inevitably caused them to rise up as an issue with immigration then yeah you are correct.


koreamax t1_j6w38bw wrote

It became less relevant because of encroaching Germanic invaders. I don't agree with the previous comment that it was because of immigration, though.


Yongle_Emperor t1_j735kyw wrote

There’s no such thing as “Byzantine” empire. It was always the Roman Empire.


CyanCazador t1_j73798p wrote

I agree, that’s kinda the point. The Roman Empire really never fell.


uona1 t1_j6u72s4 wrote

What I dont understand is why these figures are even being given at all. Im not going to study the numbers and everything in depth so ill just assume that somehow someway 1 billion = 42,000 asylum seekers.

What makes people think it will stop at 42,000? You literally have hundreds of thousands more at the border waiting to apply for asylum.

If you budget based on your needs now then of course your going to run out of money.