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thisfilmkid t1_j9ogb0g wrote

Sounds like an issue for insurance companies to deal with……. Lol

I pay insurance to NOT have to pay for the ambulance when I need it, no?

And if you need to get to the emergency room, call an Uber …. If your life is not on the line.


OGPants t1_j9oplgu wrote

How do you know your insurance won't charge you the difference as a copay?


thisfilmkid t1_j9p42oa wrote

That’s possible.

I have health care benefits from my company, and so hospital visits are $150.

Next open enrollment, they may increase the copay. But that’s IF I accept to rollover to the new medical benefits. I didn’t accept this year, so my benefits remained the same.


mikere t1_j9pi54f wrote

nah do the lyft wait and save if you need to go to the ER