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Daddy_Macron t1_j6uai7z wrote

Alvin Bragg really on a speedrun to make everyone who's not an upper middle class progressive hate his guts huh? But unfortunately, with it being Manhattan, he might be able to get away with it.


EvanMcD3 t1_j6ubckv wrote

I am an upper west side progressive and I hate his guts. He is more than useless. He is dangerous and has made New York City more dangerous. And his dropping the Trump investigation is not a thing any upper West side progressive approves of.


ShenmueFan1 t1_j6w2zfy wrote

If you voted for Hochle, you support Bragg and everything he does. Zelden stated he'd fire Bragg on Zeldin's first day on the job.

If you're a progressive, you voted for Hochel to continue to destroy the city so you can't complain that Bragg is helping destroy the city.


fadsag t1_j6wra5e wrote

It's completely unsurprising that this commenter didn't successfully spell Hochul's name once.


tuberosum t1_j6y1tcm wrote

Or Zeldin for that matter.

In a post referencing three persons there are five different spellings of their names with Bragg's being the only one spelled correctly.

It's downright impressive.


EvanMcD3 t1_j6w6x8d wrote

Yes, I remember the ballot. It had some new boxes to tick: I want to destroy the city. I want to preserve the city. I believe we live in a black and white world, there are no shades of gray. There is only one issue to vote on. There is no nuance. And also this, anyone who votes for X loses their right to state facts and voice their opinion, which some will view as complaining. Complaining is not a right. Complainers who voted for h or b must go to rikers. but they'll be released the next day to complain again. That's why they voted for h and b.


fafalone t1_j6x5c3d wrote

The alternative to bad isn't always good; Zeldin would have fucked up not just Manhattan even worse than Bragg, but been a plague on the entire state.


ShenmueFan1 t1_j6yfa5z wrote

Zeldin would get rid of the trash in the city. While Hochul and puppets are the trash of the city.

NYC is turning into a dump under Democratic leadership. Illegal immigrants destroying NYC just look at Adams, complaining that the city can't take the heat. Crime is through the roof because bail doesn't exist for criminals anymore, they can do what they want. NYC had the MOST residents flee between 2021 to 2022 than any other city/state in the Country. These results don't happen from people who run the city the right way.

Zeldin would have brought NYC back on its feet while Hochul is bringing the city to its knees.

NYC is dying.


MathDeacon t1_j71dtdq wrote

Zeldin couldn’t even dump Trump when he lost. He’s a coward and incompetent


Rottimer t1_j6ukhxi wrote

>He is dangerous and has made New York City more dangerous

Only if you live in the NY Post fantasy world of a burnt down by BLM NYC.


No_Recommendation929 t1_j6v0tjm wrote

I guess Jose Alba’s life does not matter. Wonder why…


Rottimer t1_j6v4xf6 wrote

You talking about the guy that was released and charges dropped once the investigation made it clear he acted in self defense? Sounds like his life did matter.


No_Recommendation929 t1_j6v59sy wrote

Talking about the guy who was intimidated into exile because he defended himself against one of Bragg’s goons

EDIT: Two of Bragg’s goons. The woman who sent her boyfriend to attack Jose Alba is just as guilty as the man here. She was never charged.


Rottimer t1_j6v7ntc wrote

>Bragg’s goons

Yeah. You’re too far gone. Maybe this city isn’t for you.


No_Recommendation929 t1_j6v8cyl wrote

Do you think this is “your city” and that everybody else is your sidekick and has to agree with everything you say or else you declare them “too far gone”? Maybe it’s you who should leave.

I’m Jewish, I’m Latino and I’m Queer. This is the city my communities live in. Communities that are being targeted every day by Bragg’s homophobic and xenophobic goons. Guess what, they’re also targeting the Asian community and the Black community. This is a city of immigrants and queer people. No one is kicking us out. We are standing our ground.


EvanMcD3 t1_j6v2glu wrote

Where do you live? This didn't used to happen: (Source: Not the NYPost)


Rottimer t1_j6v6ni1 wrote

Are you fucking serious? Burglaries didn’t used to happen? In NYC? Did you move here yesterday? Here’s a similar string from 2021 - before anyone on this sub heard of Alvin Bragg

Here is another one

Here is 2019, before the pandemic:

And another one from 2019:

Just a reminder, 2019 was near the record low for crime in living memory for nyc. But go on and tell me how this never used to happen and it’s all the DA’s fault. . .


EvanMcD3 t1_j6w3fp1 wrote

I'm a native New Yorker. And I'm old. I've seen the city go from safe to dangerous to safe to dangerous. It's a cycle. The upper west side was more dangerous in the late 70s and early 80s than it is now. But there are many more random acts of violence now and in my neighborhood more stores are getting hit more frequently. The thing about Bragg is he's not doing anything to stop it. He's not prosecuting people who are caught. He's either an ideologue or based on interviews with the ADA's who resigned over Trump he's chicken. But whatever the reason he's ineffective. Of course you're entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. I think we've both stated our differences clearly. And by the way I am fucking serious


CactusBoyScout t1_j6vt9ly wrote

This coming right after his office completely botched a case against a cop accused of making up evidence.

So he accomplished pissing off both pro-police and anti-police people at the same time.


sourpatchadult2022 t1_j6ucwo6 wrote

All the upper middle class progressives I know hate him too.


ShenmueFan1 t1_j6w34ii wrote

You can hate him all you want, but you support him anyways so you can't really complain about him.

"I hate this guy, he's the worst, but i'm 100% going to support him".

You can NOT do that, sorry.

You likely voted for Hochel and she is a HUGE supporter of Bragg. So you can't complain about Bragg when you voted for the person who will never get rid of him.


Isawthebeets t1_j7chefv wrote

Oh get the fuck outta here Miami. You tax evading wimp.


Isawthebeets t1_j7chbsn wrote

With the rate you post. You’d think you’d manage to spell names right.


ShenmueFan1 t1_j7d21xg wrote

I don't care to spell names right of people I don't care about.


Isawthebeets t1_j7d34d2 wrote

You put all that energy into commentary though. Ain’t that right Miami Beach?


ShenmueFan1 t1_j7e0up0 wrote

Miami is miles better than NYC. So glad I got out of NY. What a dump it's turning into.


wabashcanonball t1_j6ur1v3 wrote

I don’t know one progressive who thinks he’s doing a good job.


Rottimer t1_j6ukv7v wrote

>Awawdeh, who reportedly called Borgen a “dirty Jew” during the attack and later said he would “do it again,” did not initiate the assault and left before it was over, according to a spokesperson for Bragg’s office. He has no prior criminal convictions.

My emphasis. And further down the article:

>Bragg said his office is “requiring felony hate crime pleas and incarceration, at the minimum,” for three of the four defendants in the case, including Mohammed Othman and Mahmoud Musa, who must plead to the top charge of assault in the second degree as a hate crime, a Class C felony with a minimum sentence of three-and-a-half years in state prison and a maximum sentence of 15 years.

Makes sense to me.


NetQuarterLatte t1_j6v6zwu wrote

In any sane location (obv not NY), a criminal stating he would do it again would weigh more than his criminal history.

Criminal history is just a proxy for future behavior. If someone is saying they would do it again, such proxy becomes misleading.


Rottimer t1_j6v815b wrote

The fact that he’s getting pleading and they’re looking for serious jail time for others tells me this is not the DA simply dismissing the crime because they’re “insane.”


NetQuarterLatte t1_j6yfle5 wrote

Part of the role of the DA is to send a message that helps protect the law.

The correct message is important, because it deters further crimes from even happening. Deterrence is a lot cheaper than waiting for more crimes to happen, leading to further victims, costs to the state, and even incarceration.

That guy saying he would “do it again”... obviously did not get any of such message.

He's gonna go around the community and share his experience with others, and that experience will surely not include the message of "don't commit hate crimes". It seems quite the opposite.

Bragg is not only missing an opportunity to nip this in the bud, he might be fueling it further by giving what appears to be a sweet deal.


Rottimer t1_j6ywddp wrote

“Sending a message” is bullshit and there is ample evidence that it doesn’t work to deter further crimes. Even the justice department has denounced “sending a message”

You treat each case individually based on the evidence available.


NetQuarterLatte t1_j6z7sp5 wrote

>You treat each case individually based on the evidence available.

Yes, treat each case individually.

And consider that in this individual case the suspect literally said he would “do it again”.


deafiofleming t1_j6vf13b wrote

that's not how convictions work. Would you rather this person go to trial and potentially get the case dismissed or a lower sentence?


NetQuarterLatte t1_j6ygjyh wrote

>that's not how convictions work. Would you rather this person go to trial and potentially get the case dismissed or a lower sentence?

Yes I would prefer that, actually. If he goes to trial and the state loses fair and square, I don't see a problem.

The DA office should be sending a message here. Throwing the book at hate crimes shouldn't be controversial.


dumbfartlol t1_j6vh2l5 wrote

How do we know he said that? How do we know he started the fight? If he said it - what was the context for when he said it? Was it during a heated moment at the moment of arrest where people say all kind of crazy shit that can be dismissed as having no true criminal intent? Did he try to leave the engagement? Was he attacked first? Does he deserve to not have a trial, be freed until he's proven guilty, or does he need to be locked up simply because you read something in an article?


LibertyNachos t1_j6uzqge wrote

sorry, there’s no space for nuance on discussions about crime here. this person should be incarcerated for a minimum of 30 years and must wear a “felon” label on their clothing for the rest of their lives.


shep_pat t1_j6yjihs wrote

No space for nuance. You are the type of person who is destroying the left. Your idealism is really sort of fascism


oy_says_ake t1_j6vg975 wrote

First, the overwhelming majority of cases are handled via plea bargain.

Second, this one guy got a plea because as the article states he didn’t start the fight, left during it, and has no priors. Other defendants from this attack are facing more serious charges.

Third, dov hinkind is like a compass that always points south - wrong on virtually everything.


NetQuarterLatte t1_j6yi35u wrote

>he didn’t start the fight

That actually makes the conduct worse, not better.

He attacked the guy who was already on the ground in a more vulnerable position, while being overwhelmed by a large quantity of attackers.


Show-Me-Your-Moves t1_j6wschw wrote

I swear there's like an entire cottage industry dedicated to inciting hatred against Alvin Bragg. Does any other DA get anywhere near this same level of scrutiny? Could the average reddit user even name the district attorneys for any of the other boroughs?


oy_says_ake t1_j6wv6vr wrote

I think a lot of the people tryna hate on him don’t even understand basic civics; i’ve seen people on here criticizing him for stuff done by other boroughs’ district attorneys.


iv2892 t1_j6wwau2 wrote

He does deserve some hate , but yeah . He’s been the scapegoat for whenever something bad happens in Manhattan and even other boroughs he has no authority over


30roadwarrior t1_j70arht wrote

By his own admission they dismissed about 67% of cases because they were too much work…. He’s work and performance are pathetic. But those that voted for him deserve what they get.


sutisuc t1_j6xsczm wrote

The lack of basic knowledge most people have about NYC is alarming honestly. So many people don’t realize each borough has its own DA.


mission17 t1_j6y01ao wrote

I can name multiple users on this sub who pretty much exclusively use their time to disparage Bragg, Bail Reform, and AOC.


sutisuc t1_j6xs42s wrote

People lose their minds with krasner in Philly too but he got re-elected in a landslide despite Philly having much worse violent crime than NYC. It is funny seeing people make Bragg out to be like krasner though. He’s not even close to as radical as krasner


HendrixChord12 t1_j6xvfdc wrote

It’s because he didn’t want to charge Trump. Everything else stems from his refusal.


iv2892 t1_j6ww5n1 wrote

Thanks for the clarification, I was getting furious when reading the headline and comments on this thread. Don’t get me wrong,Bragg has to go . But at least is not as insane as I thought this news would be


oy_says_ake t1_j6wzado wrote

“don’t get me wrong, bragg has to go.”

Suit yourself i guess, i don’t live in manhattan but i think he’s better than vance, weinstein, or kenriff. Up for reelection in 2025 so plenty of time for you to prepare your campaign.


spicytoastaficionado t1_j6xxe8t wrote

I am disappointed the Post didn't make this a cover story with "Nothing to Bragg About" as the headline.


bu77snuggler t1_j7r49ki wrote

Remember, this shitstain is also the same DA who gave Robinson a slap on the wrist for pushing down a 58 year old Thai lady down the elevator


mastermind_loco t1_j7090oe wrote

This is sensational journalism. Plea deals literally happen all the time in criminal prosecutions. It's not new whatsoever. A District Attorney cannot go to trial on every case because they just don't have those kinds of resources available.


Ysr_racer t1_j724eer wrote

I'm a Jew, I carry a gun. It's the only way I can protect myself.


WholeLimit1376 t1_j70lpmu wrote

I have nothing to say about shit ppl doing to Jews or Asians didn’t the police just kill a blk man the other day!!! We’re worried about the wrong thing let the Jews and other worry about themselves & we fix ourselves


wheely-overhead t1_j6veogt wrote

I would sentence everyone guilty of a hate crime to life in prison with zero chance of parole. Then I'd hand them a rope.


[deleted] OP t1_j6uu2dq wrote



barweis t1_j6v6m67 wrote

No question a bragg is a certified doofus serving as a placeholder for a more vigorous shyster to weaken our criminal justice system. I wonder how much is being placed into offshore accounts for both him and little boy eric a. playing at pretend mayor.


GoRangers5 t1_j6utxwl wrote

He's the worst thing to happen to this city since 9/11.


Mr_Henny t1_j6x8ami wrote

Do you think, just maybe, that this comment was a bit too much?


GoRangers5 t1_j6xqjz7 wrote

It’s the internet, mate, we’re just talking shit.