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RNReef t1_j95szwv wrote

We had a family of owls here in Florida, always in the same park/tree, that the local photographers would love to shoot. They ate rats that contained poison and they all died. Horrible and I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened in this scenario as well, sadly.


throwaway7891236j t1_j970eul wrote

happened last year too, with the central park owl. don't know why there isn't a movement for safer pest extermination by liberals...why do they think shit that kills rats and cockroaches don't make other animals and humans ill ?


orangejuicecake t1_j971ag7 wrote

because liberals vote for eric adams


throwaway7891236j t1_j97l2n1 wrote

profoundly confused how i got down voted for asking a question about safer pest control


SlowerThanTurtleInPB t1_j98fmeh wrote

Likely because safer pest control isn’t, or at least shouldn’t be, a partisan issue. Why call out liberals?


throwaway7891236j t1_j98ltj3 wrote

bc this is an extremely liberal city

edit: and bc it seems totally in line w liberal values, whereas conservatives for example, sometimes don't give a shit about the environment


orangejuicecake t1_j99prc8 wrote

because the past mayors have been voted in by liberals so they administer liberal values like voting in mayors that elect executives of departments that poison pests with chemicals that crawl up the food chain like DDT did

its not progressive