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muchadoa t1_j992g4g wrote

I’m way more invested in this story than I should be, and I see people worrying about Flaco eating poisoned rats that will kill him. Are rats just running around with rat poison in their system? If so, why do we keep feeding them poison? And what kind of monster rats do we have in this city that they can eat enough poison to kill a massive bird, but it doesn’t hurt them?


rioht t1_j9eoplq wrote

Rats don't just eat poisoned bait and fall over. They die slowly through internal hemorrhaging over a week or so at most. That means they can have acquired multiple lethal doses of poison in their bloodstream via repeat feedings.

Also, due to how the way the law is structured, private landlords can perform self-extermination. A lot of them aren't very good at it.

It's a clusterfuck of problems.